It is well known that our Country, Mother India, which was flourishing with perennial resources in every aspect like wealth, mundane and spiritual knowledge, culture and so onTo source the details for development Vedas (Scriptures), Shastras (Sciences) and research books authored by Sages and Saints serve as treasure houses. Thus India, popularly known as “Bharath” led the entire world. “Universal harmony” is in our blood and hence we are treating the entire world as “Vasudaiva kutumbakam”.

Unfortunately, the holy land was captured and ruled by British. The moment they entered, “Dark Age” of India began. The aim of the British was to destroy our country thoroughly in every manner. They thrusted their English language, converted our people to Christianity, implanted disbelief and disrespect in the minds of our people and our people started ridiculing our culture and thus decimated our culture methodically. In order to achieve their goal, they formulated a policy of “Divide and Rule”.

Under this plan, they had driven a wedge to split our nation under various aspects like rich and poor, literate and illiterate, division based on caste, religion, employer and employee and they misled our people through mutual distrust. This had gone to the extent of some people declaring our day of Independence as a ‘black day’. Similarly, the British have created a permanent problem known as ‘Kashmir issue’ between India and Pakistan by cunningly making a partition. Besides, India – China border issue which remains unresolved till now is also a ‘Gift’ of the British.

Thus British have ruined our nation in every respect. The outcomes of the efforts put forth by the British was followed meticulously through the governance of the congress party right from the word go, immediately after Independence. The plot was under the banner of ‘License raj’. That formed the fertile land of corruption. At the same time, the then Government didn’t care about wiping out the corruption. Instead Government Authorities, politicians and business people formed a group as corruption had become uncontrollable and unstoppable. Till date, corruption is encouraged directly and indirectly. Under the circumstances, there is no point in blaming the corrupt people alone. Government ruled by the congress party for the past sixty years or so did not care to develop the nation but developed only the corrupt people. Every Govt., department that has direct contact with people contributed to the overflowing corruption. Besides, through the loan spree, industrialists are allowed to loot the nation to their hearts content by swallowing the precious resources like coal, mineral ores, granite etc., So along with the corrupt, the people responsible for their growth must also be punished, if there is a consideration on punishing the corrupt. This is impossible because the money power will do any wonder. These are well known to every citizen of India.

Now the time has come to think on the remedial measure. Let us consider the ways and means of releasing our nation from the clutches of corruption.

First, it is to be understood why corruption has to be removed and the corrupt money has to be retrieved. Once, the previous Finance minster of India had informed that even a child to be born is burdened with a loan of Rs 10,000.00. This is shameful. Why should an innocent child that is to be born, without enjoying anything here has to be a borrower? This is arrogance. Moreover, the Union Govt., and State Govts., have the habit of levying heavy tax for governance. This is due to the utter deficiency. Instead of giving good governance, if the Govts are going on taxing people, directly or indirectly, a people’s unrest will become inevitable. This is apparent in the form of aggression from the part of Maoists, Naxalites, etc., Unemployed youths stare blank at their future.

          The Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report said, “…For India, the average yearly illicit outflow for the years 2008-12 was 4% of GDP, 10% of trade, 215% of foreign direct investment ( FDI), 40% of total tax revenue and 0.7% of capital stock”…
The report also found a disturbing correlation between illicit financial flows and higher levels of poverty, higher levels of economic inequality, and lower levels of human development, as measured by the United Nations’ annual Human Development Index.

If we want to be relieved from these calamities the corrupt money believed to be in huge quantities, has to be retrieved. If such retrieval becomes imminent, the ways and means for it have to be found out. The present Govt. on the instruction of Supreme Court has set up SIT (Special Investigating Team) for unearthing the corrupt money. So far, no light is seen at the end of the tunnel. The journey through the tunnel is too long. Some alternative way has to be found out which will be agreeable to both the corrupt and the public. This is because, it was not possible to retrieve the corrupt money through force like law enactment etc., considering the money power the Corrupt possess.
Hence the following is suggested as an alternative means which may be considered by the Govt., after due guidance from the Supreme court, which in turn may keep it in mind that any delay is going to result in unhealthy situation like committing suicide by farmers in large numbers and the unrest among our youths.

Instead of bringing corrupt under book, Govt., may request the corrupt to deposit their money in to the Govt., Treasury. No tax may be levied.

• On the other hand even an interest may be paid to the money so invested as it ceases to be corrupt money once it is deposited.

• The money may be invested in huge projects likes Inter linking of river etc., which will create large job opportunities directly and indirectly. Thus economy will develop in leaps and bounds.

• If the corrupt refuses to oblige, stringent laws like ‘cancellation of citizenship’ may be brought in to force.

Thus there will be every possibility for our nation becoming a ‘Super Power’ in every respect within a short span of time.

If this has to happen, the present PM has to be supported by every citizen of India. A movement like “Quit India” movement during our Independent struggle has to evolve.

The movement may be called as ‘RETRIEVAL OF CORRUPT MONEY MOVEMENT’.

The PM’s hands must be strengthened by every citizen in the issue related to retrieving corrupt money. Then only, effective tax regime will be possible; inflation may be under check and so many developments will be possible.

“Please trust your Pradhan Sevak. Every single rupee that the poor of the country have lost to people who are stashing black money abroad, will be brought back….. There might be minor disagreements over the process through which black money will be brought back… that is bound to happen in a democracy. But I can assure you that the government is on a right track in bring the black money back.” Prime Minister of India.

In order to do so, the message must be spread far and wide. Student community, Advocates fraternity, Print media, Visual media, Bank employees associations, other labour unions, Great leaders like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and all institutions including religious and spiritual institutions like Sri Ramakrishna Mission, ‘Art of Living’ of Sri Sri Ravishankar must come forward and spread this message. If the message spreads far and wide, it will be a wake up call for the corrupt to fall in line with the nation.


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  1. Nishanth

     /  June 15, 2015

    Excellent article. Hope someone influential in the govt. reads it.


  2. Nishanth

     /  June 17, 2015

    Very nice article.


  3. Anon.

     /  June 18, 2015

    Black money is the major stumbling block at the moment. It is essential that we retrieve it. A lot of that money can be used to fund massive research projects.


  4. R.Uppili

     /  June 18, 2015

    Very good idea. The corruption can never be eliminated but would be reduced to a great extent . The reform is needed in terms of funding political parties . The judicial system need to be more efficient . This is just to add to your points . The interlinking of rivers is a difficult proposition due to infighting among Indian States


  5. Krishnawamy

     /  June 20, 2015

    This is high time the govt must act in retrieving black money. Recent news says black money stashed in swiss banks started to disappear and only 15 thousand crores are left. The govt must wake up and do the necessary to bring back the money which belong to the country,


  6. P B Venkataraman

     /  June 23, 2015

    I kind of not in full agreement with this article. First, blaming British Raj for all our present situation is untenable. India Pakistan bifurcation, Indo China disputes were all essentially Indian making. They happened after our independence. Substantial Indian ego contributed to them. I mean MK Gandhi, Nehru, Jinna all contributed to them. If Congress is to be blamed so are the people who voted them to power election after election. So I am not sold to this blame game.

    Coming to the actions to retrieve corrupt money, I have the following questions:
    – Do we have a statistics about the amount of corrupt money stashed? There seems to be some confusion between corrupt money and black money. I define black money as unaccounted money out of circulation, whereas corrupt money is unaccounted but may be under circulation. Corrupt money is just a part of black money. The latter is more harmful than the former
    – The proposed solution is too simplistic. It has larger implications in execution
    – Let me explain it this way, the corrupt money is either stashed or invested in lands, gold and other assets. An invested money is not as bad as stashed. This is what the above article also indicates. The stashed corrupt money, which is mostly Indian rupees is brought into the system in large volumes will impact the inflation adversely. It is like printing more currency notes in the mint. It will depreciate our currency in international market, which is in no way favorable to us
    – A few decades back our government made a simple effort to bring out the stashed money. They withdrew all 1000 rupee notes. The genuine ones were exchanged for good money in the banks if the source was declared. But this hardly had any effect. So it is not all that important to release the stashed corrupt money. The problem is much larger than what we think
    – Yes, if the stashed money is released it will do good. So is the stashed money in terms of non performing assets such as lands, gold etc., which much larger than the former
    – The proposed punishment is also no deterrent. We have enough rules but have no political will to enforce them

    I would welcome critical comments to my above opinions. Thanks


  7. L.Narayanan

     /  June 25, 2015

    The articles in this blog appear to have been an outburst of frustration that looms large in the current day citizens of India who had dreamt renaissance of India overnight on Narendra Modi assuming the Primeministership. It is true that every aspect dealt in these articles has to be a movement of people, for the people and by the people. This point is well pronounced and needs unflinching support across states, castes and creed. Measures suggested need to be iterated through Indian and International laws and stress on unerring implementation is essential. It is strange to note that the normal demand of bringing the criminals and corrupts to book has been replaced by rewards and respite offers to them with a sole aim of using their resources for development. To say in the least, the articles serve as eye-openers for all Indians. Hope the ” Acche din ” slogan comes true very soon. Author’s innovative thinking is really appreciable.


  8. PK Sesh

     /  July 3, 2015

    Since this article and the previous one are inter-linked, my comments here are across articles.
    The articles trace the origin of our downfall as a nation to the British rule and how the decline accelerated due to a succession of corrupt governments and evil politicians. Interestingly, as the articles point out, while corruption and black money generation have been at the root of most of these problems, the retrieval of black money itself could help solve these major ills like raising the quality of education, improving the employability and reducing poverty levels. My specific observations:
    1. This much hyped Ambedkar-Periyar study circle, I was told, is really 4 people. Going by the way this was blown by the media and political parties and grabbed so much attention, one would have thought hundreds of people were involved.
    2. I agree that ILR (Inter-Linking-of-Rivers) would truly lift the nation out of poverty and bring prosperity. However, this is a massive multi-decade project and the federated structure of India with each state unto itself is not going to help. As discussed in the article, finding resources through unearthed black money and creating a people’s movement around this could help accelerate and sustain the pace but this will require emergence of strong and honest leaders and sustained campaign.
    3. On black money retrieval, I agree in principle with the suggestion to incentivize black money disclosure and its use for funding large government projects. However, the suggestion to offer interest would be going to the other extreme. Or interest may be offered provided the black money holder pays taxes on all of the disclosed money (perhaps penalty may be waived off).
    4. I am hopeful that future generations starting with the next would be a lot cleaner and would also resist regressive policies like reservation. The main challenge would be revival of interest and restoration of pride in our traditions and philosophy. The problem is with the so called rationalists or intellectuals who need to think a lot deeper than the level they are capable of to understand their real meaning and purpose.


  9. H N Shankar

     /  July 20, 2015

    Goals / ideals / euphoria / frustrations / hopes / canvassing are all there.

    What are the mechanisms for an ACTION PLAN (not just statements of principled intent) which are IMPLEMENTABLE by the EXISTING people who are supposed to implement them?



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