In recent days news on Farmer’s suicide has become a routine affair. This is because of monsoon failure or floods. Sometimes they don’t get the support from the Government on prices for the commodities they produce or it may also be due to the failure on the part of the Government in not providing facilities like providing cold storage etc. So, they become poverty stricken and they are driven to take drastic decision on their lives and hence they commit suicide. This is one of the worst problems the nation is facing at present.

Another problem is chronic unemployment. If the Government had increased the job opportunities by evolving more projects constructively, restlessness among the unemployed would have been avoided and the nation would not have had to encounter the naxalites, Maoists and other outfits. This is a very problematic situation.

This problem relating to farmers, unemployment can be handled by the Government efficiently, if it had enough resources. The Government is exposed on its inability to raise funds from its own resources. It should think on the ways and means of generating funds but not through begging the FDIs. This has not happened, so the problem persists.

Now, a very huge project on Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) is evolved by the Government and it involves a huge cost. Every year because of floods, almost 4.5 million tmc., of water is let into the sea. If this water has to be diverted to water starved areas and make them a fertile, ‘Interlinking of Rivers’ will be the only option.

National Water Development Agency has studied and prepared reports on 14 inter-link projects for Himalayan component, 16 inter-link projects for peninsular component and 37 intrastate river linking projects.

The National Perspective Plan comprised of two main components:

  1. Himalayan Rivers Development, and
  2. Peninsular Rivers Development

Fourteen (14) inter-links under consideration for Himalayan component are as follows, with feasibility study status identified:

  • Ghaghara–Yamuna link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Sarda–Yamuna link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Yamuna–Rajasthan link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Rajasthan–Sabarmati link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Kosi–Ghaghara link
  • Kosi–Mechi link
  • Manas–Sankosh–Tista–Ganga link
  • Jogighopa–Tista–Farakka link
  • Ganga–Damodar–Subernarekha link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Subernarekha–Mahanadi link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Farakka–Sunderbans link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Gandak–Ganga link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Chunar–Sone Barrage link (Feasibility study complete)
  • Sone dam–Southern tributaries of Ganga link

The inter-links under consideration for Peninsular component are as follows, with respective status of feasibility studies.

  • Almatti(Krishna)–Pennar Link (Feasibility study complete)(Part I)
  • Bedti–Varada Link (Part IV)
  • Damanganga–Pinjal Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part II)
  • Inchampalli(Godavari)–Nagarjunasagar(Krishna) Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Inchampalli(Godavari)–Pulichintala(Krishna) Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Kattalai(Cauvery)–Vaigai–Gundar Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part IV)
  • Ken–Betwa Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part III)
  • Mahanadi–Godavari Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Nagarjunasagar–Somasila Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Netravati–Hemavati Link (Part IV)
  • Pamba–Anchankovil–Vaippar Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part IV)
  • Par–Tapi–Narmada Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part II)
  • Parbati–Kalisindh–Chambal Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part III)
  • Polavaram–Vijayawada Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Somasila–Grand Anicut Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)
  • Srisailam–Pennar Link (Feasibility study complete) (Part I)

The government has constituted a task force on interlinking of rivers comprising experts and senior officials. However, if the project materializes, it is said to solve irrigation problems and thereby the farmers will be relieved. Moreover, the major advantages of this project are..

• Almost 35 Million Hectares of land will get irrigation facility,

• 34,000 mw of power generation

• Solve water crisis by providing alternative, perennial water resources and avoid loss of crops   because of extreme drought or flood condition

• New network of canals will open up new routes for water navigation.

• Provide for enhancing the security of the country by an additional waterline of defense

• Provide employment to the 10 lakh people for the next 10 years

• Increasing agricultural production from about 255m tones per annum to 500m tones.

• Boost the annual average income of farmers to a greater extent

Thus the project will be a great opportunity for the nation to develop and prosper.

The global water supply/demand imbalance is increasing due to population growth, particularly in water scarce regions, contamination of water sources and inefficient utilization of available resources. Experts are predicting a world where water shortages due to global warming, unpredictable monsoon could cause increased food imports, migration of people, political unrest and geopolitical conflicts. As the potential for future crisis rises each year, measures to address issues regarding availability of water are becoming more important and urgent, though political actions.

India will experience a huge water crisis in the near future. The projected increase in population by the year 2025 indicates that the per capita availability of water is likely to slip below the critical 1,000 cubic metres mark. Recent study says that there will be no drinking water by 2040 if consumption of water continues at current pace.Once water becomes a scarcity for a nation that has a huge population, even for drinking, people will have to meet untold miseries. All these put together will result in the loss of immeasurable lives. The cattle wealth will also meet the same fate. When food becomes scarce the condition of the country will become chaotic. Then the very administration itself will become a monumental task. If this project is not implemented India has to beg the other nation as usual even for food, besides begging for FDIs for know how on technologies, etc.

ILR is a duck that lays golden eggs. By this the drought areas may be converted into fertile areas. This will make the country the producers of food for the world. So it is imperative this ILR project has to be implemented in a shorter period of time in war footing.

However, to implement this project, the same old obstacle namely scarcity of funds persists. So, left to itself, the Government may not be in a position even to commence the work in the near future. Moreover, delay in implementing will entail increase in cost. So, the Government is in the need of resources. So, an alternate option has to be thought of under such circumstances.

If this Project is turned out to be a People’s Movement, the Government will be a lot relieved. Since it becomes a people’s movement people will keep a watchful eye on the implementation of the project and the project may be implemented in a shorter period of time. People will have no other option than to actually participate in implementing the project.

What is meant by Active Participation?

…Financially contributing to one’s ability.

It may be from just a few hundred Rupees to even Lakhs to Crores towards this project. To that effect, a separate account head may be created for receiving the funds from the generous public and let the money be spent specifically for this ‘INTERLINKING OF RIVERS’ project. People may contribute for the project directly to Government of India. Government in term should create a separate account meant for this project and spend the money only to this project. Diverting this fund to another purpose will amount to cheating the nation. So, the People may give a helping hand to the Govt., of the nation and make the project a successful one.

Even now if it is not taken up as a People’s Movement, the realization of this project will be doubt full for obvious reasons. So the awareness among the public is a must. In order to awaken the people this message must spread far and wide and that too within a short span of time, which is very much possible in the present IT age.

It is our bounden duty to help our nation. Otherwise we will be doing injustice to our future generation. Our forefathers left the resources for enjoyments and we have to give the same comforts to our future generation. Since, this is our collective responsibility, this project has to become a people’s movement.

Let us join our hands in developing our nation our nation Prosperous. Let this message be spread far and wide. Let our Government also take part in this assignment of making our nation Wealthy and self sufficient.

We may consider the above and we have to decide whether we should remain the betrayers of the nation by depriving the future generation of their rightful enjoyment or be truthful citizens who build the nation and preserving its prosperity for the rightful enjoyment of the future citizens. Unfortunately, at present, it said that each that each child this is going to be born has a debt amounts to Rs.10,000/- What a way to let this country down?

If we as the citizens of the nation rise to the occasion immediately, India will appear drastically different on the positive side. If this chance is missed then we may not get a conducive environment in the future, since we don’t know how politics will play then.
So, let us wake up, unite and make the world understand what people’s movement means and let the country be made prosperous.

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  1. Anon.

     /  June 18, 2015

    Interesting ideas… Rather revolutionary I must say. But I suppose the current situation does demand the need for such ideas. If we consider this to be our collective responsibility, it shouldn’t be too hard. The contribution required from every citizen is actually very little, but integrating all such infinitesimal contributions, it might just work. After all even an ocean is a collection of water drops.


  2. Swami

     /  June 20, 2015

    This article shows a way to overcome the major obstacle in implementing this project through People;s Movement. Hope the Govt takes necessary steps to implement this project. ASAP


  3. V Raman

     /  June 20, 2015

    Considering the benefits the country is going to get with this project, there is no reason why the Govt is still waiting for its implementation. As pointed out in this article, to save our country from a major water crisis in the future there’s no other solution available to us other than Interlinking of rivers. To make this govt implement this project Peoples movement is the best option. This project has got a new impetus under our PM Sri Modi’s govt and People’s movement will only strengthen the hands of our PM.The readers of this article must make sure that this article reaches all our fellow countrymen and must involve them in Peoples movement which going to make this country prosperous. .


  4. j s ramaswamy

     /  June 20, 2015

    It is not enough if we just post the comments. The message should reach every Indian, including NRIs, Let this article be recommended to be read by our e-mail friends, so that the awareness snowballs into a people’s movement to be noticed by the authorities concerned.


  5. V Swaminathan

     /  June 30, 2015

    This is a very Good idea. I was told that Shri Rajaji Mooted this idea earlier (i am not aware of explicit details) This idea of yours is very good. but Political and other hurdles will have to be addressed by a Firm hand by the central govt. Pray God that is all we can do


  6. adinarayanan

     /  July 11, 2015

    It is definitely great idea to link the Rivers to mitigate the problems of agriculture, to improve irrigation facilities.employment opportunities and inland waterways. This involves a huge investment of money, time and labor force on a war footing basis. The funding of this as envisaged by the people movement is laudable best option and urgent. We need to share this message with all the fellowmen to save our nation.-
    the unaccounted money has to be ploughed back into the system by allowing them to declare contribute and if need be stringent enactment be put in place.
    Let us all strive hard to save our motherland.




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