Recently, an issue that is sensational is the derecognition of a study circle known as Ambedkar-Periar study circle in IIT Madras. It is also known that the derecognition is withdrawn subsequently. Their agenda was set to be the removal of caste system and to weaken the COMMUNAL HINDUTVA. It may appear sensible that equality alone should prevail throughout the nation and this movement also contributes towards that. Let us analyse the veracity on this claim.

First and foremost it is to be understood how this problem of Casteism and Hindutva came about. Prior to the British rule no such problem was found to exist and this is proved through Lord Macaulay’s letter to the British Govt., which in a nut shell described about dividing India for their control over it. He advised the British Govt., to kill Sanskrit, the then prevailing language in India and destroy the Gurukulam system of education, since those two alone kept India very strong and impenetrable. Accordingly British also succeeded in capturing the nation and ruling over it for a few hundred years.

mccaulay speechWhile ruling so, in order to weaken the nation, they further adopted the Divide and Rule policy. This is because the fragments of the nation comprising pairs of opposites like Rich and Poor, Literate and Illiterate, Upper caste and Lower caste, Employer and Labour and so on, would be fighting among themselves leaving the Govt., selecting one of them to support leaving the rest decimate. Subsequently the supported one also may be left in the lurch rendering it worthless. By doing so the Govt., will grow stronger and stronger and hence would gain stability in ruling the nation to its whims and fancies. Unfortunately the citizens of India also fell in line with the British thinking and they suspected the fellow citizens only and believed the British to be their saviours.

Due to the disposition of time, so many things have happened and finally India became a free nation. Even while declaring India a free nation, the British cunningly left the nation with so many problems that remain unsolved till now, like India-Pakistan issue and so on.

In south India the British were so clever in dividing the people based on caste aspersions. The British intelligently drove a wedge between Brahmins and non Brahmins by supporting a group of non- Brahmins under the banner Justice Party of India. It nurtured the party to the extent it did not want the British to declare India as an Independent nation. One of the key members of the party desired people to mourn the Independence Day (Aug 15th) as a Black day.

1. Periyar PosterThus this party was acting anti-national and it continued to poison the minds of the people to the extent that Brahmin hatred is naturally present in the minds of the people of Tamilnadu especially. The Hindu sentiments are humiliated through and through. But these people under the guise of protecting the lower caste captured the Govt., to rule the state of Tamilnadu. It is for people to see the developments made in Tamilnadu by the Govts, under the patronage of the so called rationalists the erstwhile justice party. The perceptible development is only in the form of corruption. The corruption is so rampant that political parties give people no room to think on the development of the state. These parties do this by keeping the public focusing only on their survival by keeping them poor and illiterate. But they smartly show their fingers towards the upper caste for the poor literacy in the state by saying that they denied the opportunities of learning to the lower caste. To appease them, these parties when rule the Govt., introduce a nice concept called RESERVATIONS, which is a myth.

However when India got freedom from the British which made the country Bankrupt, Dr. Ambedkar introduced the system of reservation helplessly because of the then prevailing conditions. He also informed that reservation should be done away after a certain period of time. His expectation was that the country should improve to a very great extent to make opportunities available in abundance for one and all.

But the Central govt., under the congress rule and the state govts., either ruled by the national parties or the regional parties miserably failed in developing nation. Instead they exploited the reservation policy to their favour. They think it is a perennial resource for their amazing wealth. In order to win the votes, some states had increased the reservation quota. But, they have forgotten one thing. The more they make the reservations, the quality of education gets more and more diluted. This is evident from our educational institutions remaining below the 200th ranking in the global level for the past sixty years or so. Both the central and state govts., have betrayed the nations by not developing the educational system which is the route of the development of the entire nation in all walks of life.

QS_WUniv_Rankings     rank qs

Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education Rankings said “It is really a matter of concern that a country of India’s great intellectual history does not have a single university that is regarded by academics globally as being among the world’s most prestigious.”

Besides, the govts., allowed private institutions also to take part in the educational activity. This is not in the interest of the nation and it is only with the personal agenda since the results are known wide open, i.e. these institutions get the approval of the govts., without fulfilling the stipulated conditions that make an institution fit for imparting knowledge. This is experienced by us through the fact of the present Engineering graduates coming out of these institutions are not in a position to get employed in big corporate and other places. They are lacking in confidence & out of fear of insecurity, they become rebellious and there are possibilities of their becoming anti-nationals.

29table1The third edition of the National Employability Report, Engineering Graduates – 2014, released by a private employability solutions company, revealed that though 18.33% of the engineers are employable, 18.09% actually get a job.
Of the 6 lakh engineers that graduate annually, only 18.43% of them are employable for the software engineer-IT services role, while just 3.95% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. For core jobs in mechanical, electronics/electrical and civil jobs, only a mere 7.49% are employable.


It may be seen from the above that the reservation policy prolonging for a longer period of time because of the failure of the govts., and other factors like adopting the Divide and Rule policy of the British, the Indian educational system is under precarious condition. The issue of the Ambedkar-Periar study circle is only a tip of an iceberg.

If the nation is to be free from such a chaotic condition the reservation is to be done away in its entirety. This will be possible only by making opportunities available to one and all in abundance. This requires huge funds and this can be generated through unearthing the corrupt money. To achieve this, people should co-operate with the govt., especially the PM by making him the leader of the movement and his hands are to be strengthened by the very people of India.

This initiative will have an enormous potential for job opportunities, the quality of education may also be vastly improved to the extent that the reservation policy may be done away with as per the wishes of Dr. Ambedkar.

Dr Ambedkar said, “Reservation should be discontinued after 15 years”, but politicians are continuing with this to further their vote bank.

If the Govt., fixed a deadline, (say 2 or 3 months) for the deposition of the black/corrupt money these things will become true and the nation will develop leaps and bounds. If the black/corrupt money holders do not fall in line with this proposal, a severe punishment to the extent of cancellation of their citizenship may be imposed. The impact of the citizenship cancellation should be made aware to them.

Since the land acquisition bill cannot be passed through Rajya Sabha because of the lower strength of the ruling party, there is little wonder, any welfare scheme that pertains to the national development will be affected through parliament. This is because the opposition parties are never interested in the national development and they stick to their personal agenda of ruining the nation. Therefore the PM, as the leader of the entire nation and its people should first make these proposals a ‘PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT’. Once he gets over-whelming support from the public which he already has, as usual, the opposition parties may also fall in line with the nation in its development.

In every sector we are lagging behind at least a decade or more with developed nations. The unemployment problem is also swelling day by day. Suicide is on the rise. The quality of education is well known to the extent that no institution in India has found a place among Top-200 institutions in the world. So, a lot is expected from the govt., from day one of its assuming the office. Therefore, the govt., has to think on other means of recovering the black/corrupt money which must be a time bound program in order to save the common man from the struggle for even the basis needs.

The govt., may succeed in recovering the black/corrupt money through legal means after a long period but unfortunately, that may find use only in building cemeteries for the people who are to die because of starvation. Therefore on a war footing the govt., has to recover the black/corrupt money at the earliest if not immediately. Considering the most valuable lives of the citizens, the punishing of the black/corrupt money holders is unimportant.

So the Govt., may announce that the black/corrupt money holders may deposit their entire black/corrupt money in the Government treasury and they will not be levied even a single paisa as tax or any penalty.

In fact, the so recovered black/corrupt money may be invested in huge projects like improving our education system, Interlinking of Rivers, Electricity projects that will make surplus power, and all other infrastructure projects that generate more employment opportunities.

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  1. Ram Athreya

     /  June 23, 2015

    1) Corrupt/Black money:
    Unless our BJP govt. takes a tough posture and enact laws to tackle black money and implement these laws , black money problem will continue on a huge scale. Initiall , I thought Modi Govt. was sincere on this issue. Now I feel that it is getting diluted. What is the reason is anybody’s guess.
    2) Reservation:
    For good reasons, Dr BR Ambedkar started the caste-based reservations system ( read quota) in the educational system- kind of Affirmative policy action. But he put a limit of 15 years ! But no politician wants to discuss this15 year period nor will they ever , except that they want to include more and more forward castes into the reservation slot !! What an irony and sad state of affairs !
    3)Employability of fresh graduates :
    This is a problem , perhaps , with most countries , not excluding USA too. But we have to deal with it in the best way we can . I think the present NDA govt. is handling it well.
    4) English vs Sanskrit :
    No doubt the British , with their huge technological resources ( guns , rifles ) , capital etc. succeeded in playing one Kingdom against the other in India , under the guise of doing trade with India. But what were our kings and queens doing ? Did they not have their own brains? Subsequently they exported all our raw materials ( cotton, iron ore etc ) and imported finished products into India thereby not creating any value addition within India . This was outright plunder. Also they also demolished our technological base , especially in the metallurgical industry . During Bengal famine of 1946 , ( when 2 million Indians died) , the British did not take quick action to transfer rice from other regions . Yes , English has taken and is still taking deep roots in our culture , thanks to Lord Macaulay . Though it is a setback from our culture point of view , we should take it in a positive way because (a) it will lead to more job opportunities in India due to outsourcing , (b) it unites the entire country in a way that all citizens can be mobile and shift to any part of the country for a job or business opportunity (c) thereby leading to inter mixing of different communities wrt marriage etc. which may lead to more social mixture and homogenisation .
    Like Greek and Latin which have become almost extinct excepting in pockets , Sanskrit also will be out of our sight slowly and steadily , but the same Sanskrit words will be transliterated in all the regional languages and also English which is happening presently. A language will have to evolve eventually . It cannot and will not be be static .


  2. V Swaminathan

     /  July 7, 2015

    Lord Macaulay’s letter to the British Govt., which in a nut shell described about dividing India for their control over it. He advised the British Govt., to kill Sanskrit, the then prevailing language in India and destroy the Gurukulam system of education, Not only that I was once told that the British House of Commons was advised by the viceroys to remove the Panchatantra Stories from text books as they will make the students think and solve problems that occur in their lifetime. (I believe this record still exists in House of Commons library in London). Their divide and rule policy let to many people having “SIR” and “DIWAN” titles to Brahmins and were treated like elite ones while many others (caste people) were beaten black & blue in Indian Jails by the British. This divided the society after Independence and Brahmin hatred spread quickly. (But remember it was the same police force under the British beat all and the same police force saluted all afterwards)
    Because Education is a money spinning business now many many colleges have sprung up (that too owned by Politicians) hence quality has naturally suffered like the way you mentioned. As for Black money your suggestion is good but will not happen. India may become another Greece in the next decade. God Bless India



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