Is India poor, who says? Ask Swiss banks.
…With personal account deposit bank of $1500 billion in foreign reserve which have been misappropriated, an amount 13 times larger than the country’s foreign debt, one needs to rethink if India is a poor country?

It was suggested that the corrupt money-holders may be advised to deposit the corrupt money, that is not under circulation, into the govt. coffers for the best utilization of the same, i.e., for the development of the nation. If they don’t oblige, severe punishment to the extent of cancelling the citizenship was also suggested. It was also opined that the whole process may be completed within a short span of time, say, between 3 and 6 months. When the corrupt money is thus received, which is said to be of the order of several lakhs of crores of rupees, there is every possibility for the nation to become wealthy and prosperous within a short period of time. When people learnt about these suggestions, some of them had their own apprehensions on the successful implementation of this assignment.

A few of them even expressed the cause of their apprehensions. Let those points be taken up for consideration now and an analysis be made on the same.

Objection: First of all, when it was pointed out that the nation was humiliated and led down as a consequence of the cunningness of the British, who ruled us for a few centuries, people objected that after their departure from 15th August, 1947, the country is remaining an independent nation and it is being ruled by our own Indian citizens for the past 60 years. It is therefore totally unfair to drag the British into the picture for the under-developed condition of the nation, they said. The inefficiency of we, the Indians, cannot be attributed to the British and it is only a blame game that is purposeless.

Ans: It is asserted that the then rulers of our country from 1947 onwards might not have had any clue on governance of the nation, the moment freedom was won. They had inputs only from the British who ruled us for a few centuries. The British rulers, by deftly handling the policy of divide and rule, favouritism, etc., kept the people at their mercy.

divide and rule

The native Indians who had things to be done at the government level, had no choice but to grease the palms of the officialdom. In order to keep themselves in power, they perpetrated this to suit their own ends. Subsequent to India getting freedom, the legacy was passed on to the new govt., formed by Indians. So they also started enjoying power as faithful followers of the British.

As it goes that,’power corrupts’, these rulers were engrossed in power politics and they used to give silly excuses for the pathetic condition of the nation. Whenever elections came, they used to make false promises on the development score and they continued their practice of enjoying power and thus led the country down further and further. In order to have a strong fence around them, they took the opposition parties and govt., officials, print media and other avenues of communication into their fold. The people of the country were blissfully ignorant of the condition of the nation and if at all a few had any concern for the nation, they were nipped in the bud or they were subjected to untold miseries which made people to concentrate only on their day-to-day affairs. This was happening for the past 60 years both at the Centre and in the States. So it may be understood that the British had laid a very strong foundation for the super structural construction of corruption which is rampant now.

‘India Has Lost At Least A Half-Trillion Dollars To Corruption Since Independence’ -forbes

Objection: Another objection is regarding the growth of corruption exponentially, if the corrupt persons were to be let go scot-free.

Ans: As far as corruption is concerned, if we people had kept a vigil, the loopholes through which the corrupt would slip away would have been plugged long back under the principle of ‘nip in the bud’.

It shows that out of our blind faith in the people we elected and also due to our lethargy, these elected people, perhaps under the psychic disorder called ‘obsession for wealth’ amassed wealth. Each and every corrupt knows that he or she can eat only a limited quantity and not in excess. Excessive eating causes damage to the health is also known to everyone. Similarly every corrupt knows that death is inevitable and one cannot enjoy the wealth by oneself once death arrives. Also one may not be certain that accumulated wealth will automatically go to the hands of his heirs, even if necessary legal formalities are adhered to. This is because rules of the govt., may change, law for confiscation of corrupt money even if transferred on to third parties may be passed, occurrence of natural calamities including premature death , earthquakes etc. If the corrupt carefully observes it will become clear that the legal heirs of the wealth are prevented from using their intellect naturally, for the struggle for earning the wealth is absent in them. This will give room for crooked thinking and anti-social elements will increase in number which will be detrimental to the national welfare.

In spite of all these short comings, if a corrupt is interested in accumulating the illegal wealth, it only indicates the psychic disorder.

Besides, as they keep their money blocked in the form of stashing money in foreign banks, blocking the money in the form of immovable assets that don’t fetch any money through free circulation, the wealth so accumulated is only a burden to them just like the accumulation of sugar in a person suffering from diabetes. Moreover, the foreign banks may not give any interests but, at the same time the corrupt may have to pay the service charges. Of course, the stashed money may economically help the countries where they are stashed. If so, it is a very series crime on the part of the corrupt, allowing their own people to die due to poverty and at the same time helping the other nation with ‘our money’. They may be unaware of it now. (If they are suggested to deposit into the govt., coffers they may heave a sign of relief.) However the moment the govt., wants to recover the corrupt money it is the very duty of the govt., to plug the holes to avoid the re-occurrence of corruption. Thus recovery of the corrupt money may either correct the corrupts or the corrupts may be stopped from continuing their corruption.

Objection: When the corrupt money, if at all flows to the coffers of the govt., inflation may shoot up.

Ans: To avoid such a situation the govt., should be very careful in regulating the flow of money through appropriate budgeting. That is the govt., should not stop with the yearly budgeting. Number of interim budgets may also be presented depending on the flow of corrupt money in the coffers of the govt.,. Thus this problem may not be a stumbling block.

Once this huge amount of black money and property comes back to India,

  • the entire foreign debt can be repaid in 24 hours.
  • After paying the entire foreign debt, we will have surplus amount, almost 12 times larger than the foreign debt.
  • If this surplus amount is invested in earning interest, the amount of interest will be more than the annual budget of the Central government.
  • So even if all the taxes are abolished, then also the Central government will be able to maintain the country very comfortably.
Objection: Another point is that legislatively, the retrieval of corrupt money may not be possible. As the proposed retrieval process allows the corrupt to go scot-free that regular tax payers seem to be made fool of. So legally this may not render justice to one and all under the concept “Equal justice for all”.

Ans: This needs a critical analysis. First and foremost it is not only the govt., to take the blame on the corruption. People are also contributing very much to the corruption. To explain, people think that their job is over once they cast their votes during election. Even during voting they seem to act whimsically. For example, when they have given a thumping majority for the BJP in the last Lok Sabha election, they had very high expectation on Sri Narendra Modi to deliver the goods overnight. They have forgotten that BJP has to depend on opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha.

The opposition parties think that they need not have a concern for the development of the nation. They are always interested in either walking out of parliament or in blocking the parliament sessions.


They make hue and cry for insignificant things. They want the ministers to resign even for silly mistakes they commit, that too that have not been proved in the courts. Even for an allegation these opposition parties want the ministers to resign. This shows that they have no respect for the people’s verdict. In what way a minister’s resignation is going to develop the nation to the expectation of the people?

These opposition parties should understand that they are withdrawn from the powers to rule because, they have lost the credibility through their deliverance of goods for the past 60 years which are not worth mentioning. So people have kept them in the opposition and these parties should be aware that. Any hindrance they make towards the progress of the nation will amount to digging their won graves. Hence, they should co-operate with the govt., and if the govt., deviates in its agenda from the development of the nation, these opposition parties should remind the govt., of its duties. Then only they can gain the confidence of the people and will be respected and recognized as dutiful citizens of India. Otherwise they will be branded as anti national and anti social elements. The ruling party on its part should try to respect verdict of the people by honoring their commitment on the development of the nation.

The present PM has made huge promises on the development of the nation. But there is a gap between his speech and action.

     One year of Narendra Modi sarkar: Expectations were unrealistically high


It was thought that he would talk about the recovery of the corrupt money which is supposed to be in huge quantities. Had he announced that, people would have had immense faith in him on his delivering his promises in true terms. Instead he followed the path of begging for FDIs, which amounts to letting down the nation in the footsteps of the previous govt.,.

Even now due to his sincerity people do believe the PM. In order to lead them to prosperity PM should take immediate adequate steps in recovering the corrupt money within a short span of time. Legal means are not suitable as they involve time and expenditure. Each day that passes without recovery of the corrupt money results in the death of farmers and poverty stricken for no fault of them but due to the inefficiency of the govt.,. If he wants, people will be ready to support him in this assignment. By seeking People’s Support the opposition may also be made to fall in line with the government in the national development. For any citizen talking against this proposal will be easily treated as anti-national, because that individual blocks the developmental activity.

As far as the tax-payers are concerned they pay their taxes as a duty. It is not fair on their part to compare them with the evil doers. It is natural for human beings to commit mistake and they learn only through mistakes. For example, in the recent past for the removal of pain, some pain killer was prescribed as a medicine. When it is known that, that medicine damages the physical system it was banned. If somebody asks what about the position of the people who already had consumed the medicine, there would be no answer to it. Similar is the case with the tax payer. Of course if the tax payers were not sleeping while the taxes were levied, they would have raised the objection at that very time itself on why the govt., had allowed the corruption to become rampant, which lead to heavy downfall on the economy.


They kept quite all along and question when there is a scope for the recovery of the corrupt money by allowing the corrupts to deposit the corrupt money without any penalty and that too only in the interest of the national development, will it not amount to their blocking the national development which is an anti-nation and anti-social activity?

So from the above, it seems to be logical that people should strengthen the hands of the PM who should lead this operation, “Retrieval of Corrupt Money” to make our nation wealthy and prosperous.


            ….Money in the hands of a bad human being will destroy the existing world.

      Money in the hands of a good human being will create a new world.



P.S:- The Narendra Modi government has notified the compliance window under the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015. The compliance window is in force till September 30, and will allow those with undisclosed income and assets abroad to declare these without facing prosecution.

Let us all support this step taken by the govt., to recover corrupt money and pray for its success.

Let us join together and  pray whole-heatedly for our nation to become prosperous and wealthy in short span of time. Let us conduct Mass Prayers to strengthen the hands of our PM who is sincerely striving to make our nation prosperous.


♦ Let the corrupt money be retrieved and brought to the Government.

♦ Let that Money be spent in Huge Projects like Inter Linking of Rivers, Improving our  Education System, Infrastructure projects etc.,.

♦ Let the Nation become Wealthy and Prosperous in a short span of time.

…This prayer should be made by every citizen of India as a duty to the Nation.

An appeal…

  • If the religious institutions like Sri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Iskon, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthan, Art of Living, followers of Sri Jakki Vasudev, Gurudwars, Christian and Muslim missionaries, conduct Mass Prayers for our nation’s prosperity, the message will reach for and wide.
  • After the Prayer, each group as well as each citizen as the case may be, should send this message of ‘Praying for the Prosperity of the Nation’ to the Prime Minister.
  •  The Prime Minister should also be requested to Lead this Movement and make this a GRAND SUCCESS.


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  1. Nishanth

     /  July 14, 2015

    The part two of this article is quite clear in it’s approach towards solving the problems and also answers most the questions that arises in the mind of the reader who reads it.


  2. Anand R

     /  September 2, 2015

    Great idea. The PM must consider this idea



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