The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public.The Opposition is equally responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of the country.

The role of the opposition in parliament is basically to check the excesses of the ruling or dominant party, and not to be totally antagonistic. There are actions of the ruling party which may be beneficial to the masses and opposition is expected to support such steps.

Right from the first session of the Parliament, it is observed by the people that the functioning is stalled for some reason or other by the opposition parties. When the govt., is intense in initiating any discussion on the development of the nation, it became a habit for the opposition parties to stall the proceedings of the houses. As days go by it has become rampant that the opposition parties make huge cry even for non issues. One such issues taken up for the stalling of the Parliament is, the demand on the resignation of the Hon. Ministers Smt. Sushma Swaraj , Smt. Vasundara Raje and Shri. Shivraj Chauhan.

This demand appears to be silly because the opposition parties are unwilling to even give a patient hearing on the important issues like Land Acquisition Bill, GST etc.,. This appears to be silly and shows that the opposition parties are thoroughly disinterested in the development of the nation.

♦ Can the opposition parties convince the people, how the resignation of these ministers is going to develop the economy of the nation, improve the welfare of the people and solve other major issues that are demanding a lot more sessions of the parliament?

♦ If the opposition parties are able to prove that the demand of the resignation of the ministers will definitely help in the economical growth etc., then naturally people also will join hands with them.

♦“If these opposition parties have the only intention of stalling the parliament, then it amounts to ANTI-NATIONAL activity, as it forms an impediment to the development of the nation through non-functioning of the parliament”.

♦ If at all the opposition parties demand the resignation of the people involved in Lalit Gate & Vyapam Gate, then the opposition parties should approach through the Court of Law.

President stern message on Parliament disruptions: Noisy minority can’t gag patient majority.

“Disruption of Parliament leads to loss of time and resources and also paralyzes policy formulation,” the President said


The people view that, such stalling of parliament is an Act of Disobedience from the opposition parties’ side. To explain, the people of the nation voted against the opposition parties because they felt that they are let down thoroughly by then ruling govts.,. In order to have good governance the present ruling party is given an opportunity to deliver the goods to the people’s expectations. When the opposition parties don’t even allow the govt., to function for lame reasons, people will not be able to make a study on the performance of the present govt.

“During UPA regime parliament was disrupted because government was running away from debate, now when government is ready for debate Congress is shying away from debate and they are disrupting parliament,” said Prakash Javadekar on Congress’s running away from debate was reason for disruption of parliament during UPA and now during NDA regime.

Instead people will have a clear cut impression that all the opposition parties that block the function of the present govt., are ANTI-NATIONALS. So there may be a possibility that these parties may be raised to the ground and chances of recovering may become very slim.

This implies that even in the Rajya Sabha the opposition parties may not have a say as a result of getting defeated in the state election


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  1. Nishanth

     /  August 10, 2015

    The ruling party is also thinking about bringing a pay cut for the MP’s who are disrupting the parliament, but how far it’ll work out is a big question mark. Virtually all the political parties are only interested in themselves and no one in the parliament actually gives a damn about the people of this country. India is a country which is ruled by the god himself personally, because no one other than him could actually still keep this country running in spite of all these chaos.



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