What is Development?

Development may be defined in many ways according to the ways of thinking of the people. If all these ideas are put together and the entire unit is called development, then the implementation towards such a development is impossible. So a consensus has to be there in defining development, i.e. the so called development should percolate the entire nation to enable each and everyone to perceive its benefits and also be able to sustain it. Thus, this may be passed on to the next generation, which will have enough scope for defining development to that day’s requirements.

Under such circumstances, the present day individual needs a development in the form of self sufficiency to begin with. This is because the majority of our people don’t have enough opportunities in meeting their ends. To explain, the so called basic needs of Food, Shelter and Clothing are literally luxurious to the poverty stricken. To highlight this, it may be said that even having one square meal/day appears to be monumental task to many.

5_aThe availability of potable water is not made available for one and all. Availability to the full requirement of every citizen is possible only in ‘Abdul Kalam’s Dream’. Thanks to the State and Central govts., for such a ‘mighty contribution’.

It is better to leave than to say something on electricity power. The govts., keep announcing on increased production of electricity, but such a thing is not perceived by the people as they suffer because of power cuts and escalation of the cost of power. Similarly if you take up Transportation for consideration, people are forced to accept the prevailing condition as the better one because of non-availability of the other option. Railways, Airways, Roadways are all taking a toll out of the people by indiscriminately raising the cost of transportation to their whims and fancies and at the same time don’t provide the expected facilities. For example, Rail ticket reservation creates a lot of tension among people.

Even in communicating on day to day affairs the main stream media do a total injustice by ‘forcing the people to know about what they want the people to know, not otherwise’. Thus in every aspect the citizen of India is deprived of having a qualitative life. This being so, where is the scope for self sufficiency? So, development remains a distant dream for the citizen of India.

First and foremost the govt., should feel that it is allowed to govern only for satisfying at least the people’s basic demands. Since our nation is having enormous population, their aspect of fulfilling the basic needs of the people itself is a herculean task. But no excuse should be made on that score. Once a govt., is formed the bounden duty of the govt., is to sincerely find the ways and means for providing basic facilities and develop the nation in the process.

In order to fulfill the commitment, the govt., should have enormous money to invest in developmental projects which will naturally lead to not only fulfilling the basic requirement but also will make people self sufficient. If this is achieved India can proudly claim that it’s a developed nation. In order to get that enormous funds, the govt., need not beg from FDIs or World Bank loans etc,. Since a very huge quantity of our own money is said to be blocked in the form of corrupt money.

black_money_blackensIf it is unearthed, in no time people will become self sufficient in all the fields like education, employment, food production, electricity and what not? Therefore, it is certain that the retrieval of the corrupt money will play a major role in the development of the nation. Otherwise the govt., will be simply levying the tax and keep people under poverty and development will appear as mirage water.

How to unearth the corrupt money?

To be continued……………


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  1. Ganesh

     /  August 31, 2015

    So much has been said about retrieval of corrupt money. Who knows whats stopping the govt from taking a step to retrieve the black money stashed in foreign countries.


  2. VBS

     /  August 31, 2015

    I don’t think the compliance window for black money disclosure opened by the Modi govt is not going to fetch desired results. Waiting to see what the author is going to suggest.


  3. Raghav

     /  September 2, 2015

    So much can be done for our nation if corrupt money is retrieved. People of our nation have to be educated on this and only when people start pressurize the govt, they will act on it.



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