It has become imperative to unearth the corrupt money for the nation’s developmental prosperity. Sine the volume of the corrupt money is said to be more than 100 lakhs of crores, if the corrupt money is retrieved, it is left to the imagination of the individual to look at our nation in what condition it will be then. In retrieving the corrupt money there may be many ways. Through legal means the govt., has tried so far but in vain. This is because the people holding the corrupt money are very very powerful and they are capable of making their ways easily to escape from the clutches of law. It is also our experience from the past, for so many years the attempts made by the govts., by giving concessions or coercion were futile.


Therefore through forceful means it is not possible to extract the corrupt money from its holders, hence some alternate means have to be adopted in unearthing the corrupt money and the entire corrupt money has to be unearthed for the nation to become a well developed one.

The govt., may enact some laws and may also unearth the corrupt money to an extent. This may help the ruling party to claim that it has recovered the black money while contesting the future elections. But the conscience of ruling party should prick, since the govt., has not done any justice to the poverty stricken, with this small amount that form a tip of an iceberg. Moreover, more the delay in devising effective ways and means of retrieving the corrupt money at the earliest in war footing, the more will be the nation’s loss in the form of farmers suicide, unrest due to unemployment problem etc.,.

If the govt., observes carefully, it itself may find it to be absurd, that it is taxing the common man more and more in the form of various taxes. The govt., may claim that it gives concessions to the needy while levying tax. This argument also cannot hold water. Why? Because when Hundreds of Lakhs of Crores of Rupees are lying idle in the form of corrupt money and leaving it without any utility, but keep on levying  tax, will naturally expose the inefficiency of the govt.,. Thus any delay in implementing any programs in retrieving the corrupt money will be viewed by common citizen as a great injustice to the nation. Therefore through some way or the other, the govt., is forced to take some action in retrieving the corrupt money.


The govt., should be sincere enough to think on the lines of eradicating the poverty and developing the nation. Sky is the limit for any development, because there is always a scope for development. If the govt., sincerely thinks on development, then it will realize that the paucity of funds always blocks the development and the fear of insecurity in the form of paucity of funds breads corrupt. So, if the govt., is really interested in developing the nation and in plugging the corruption, the corrupt money has to be retrieved. It will have minimum two advantages.

1. The govt., will be able to do away with levying tax and at the same time invest in huge projects that will obviously result in development to a very high degree.

2. The mentality of the people will change as there in no fear of insecurity as far as the wealth is concerned as the nation has perennial resource of wealth.


♦ It may be proposed by the govt., that the corrupt money will be strait away treated as white if the corrupt money holders surrender the entire ‘corrupt money’ without leaving even a single paisa to the govt.,.

♦ The money thus retrieved will be treated as some deposits made by the corrupt money holders and the holders will have the right to enjoy that money. However, while enjoying, they should circulate the money so enjoyed and the blocking of money will never be allowed. A period of maximum two months may be given to the holders of the corrupt money to deposit in to the govt., treasury. No tax or penalty should be levied as these corrupt money holders are not treated as criminals.

This is because, the govt., also had a role in such a criminal act through not allowing the corrupt money to exist this long. The govt., was also a party to it by keeping silent and if at all any action has to be taken, the judiciary stepped in and protected the corrupt money holders in the form of adjournments or restraining the govt., through some loop holes efficiently while processing.

Past is Past. Now, to settle the issue the govt., should give such a conclusion which will result in win-win situations. Here one may argue, though the corrupt money is retrieved, if it is allowed to belong to the holders of corrupt money, the govt., can only use it and can’t claim ownership on it. To this the reply is that the govt., has at least an opportunity to avail such an unimaginable huge amount for the welfare of the nation. This will be a golden opportunity, as it is going to develop the nation in leaps and bounds. It is far far better than begging the FDIs and unnecessarily levying tax to the common man who is already over burdened and poverty stricken. So, for the development of the nation the retrieval of corrupt money is vital.

If the corrupt money holders can’t agree to the proposal of the govt., what can the govt., do?

Will be continued……………………


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  1. Mangal

     /  September 2, 2015

    The proposal suggested by the author is good. I think many super riches in India will agree to it.



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