Recently both the print and visual Medias are filled with the information on the agitation for the Patel Community in Gujarat headed by a young man called Hardik Patel. He was able to lead a mass of the Patel community in a short span of time and is confident of spreading it to other places also. Besides, it is learnt that he wanted to include other communities in other states like Jats, Yadavs, etc., and he wanted to make it a national movement. Unfortunately some lives were lost and some public properties were said to be damaged during agitation. Let the reservation policy and its implementations for the past so many years may be viewed from another perspective.

Initially during independence, the leaders who studied the then prevailing condition wanted to introduce the reservation due to the paucity of funds and other infrastructural facilities. To explain, when the British left the country they swindled everything and made India a pauper. In order to commence the ruling of our own government in every field like education, industrial development etc., the government had to introduce some stop gap arrangements to gain time and put India in the right track through development. The implementation of the reservation policy was one such thing in the education sector in order not to deprive the down trodden, so that the nation will have a wide spread growth throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Dr. Ambedkar specifically mentioned that the reservation should be done away within a span of 15 years after the implementation. Unfortunately, the then ruling parties having tasted the power of ruling, meticulously started following the footsteps of the British. So they thought that only by maintaining or increasing the gap between the upper and lower classes in each aspect of the society, they could get along just like the British did previously. The trend continues till date and the development remains a distant dream to the extent that people think, ‘it’s something like touching the horizon’.

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Taking advantage of the helplessness of the citizens, a few started amazing wealth to an unimaginable extent at the cost of the poverty stricken. Not only that, the ruling govts., without having any guilty feeling levying taxes, which amounts to sucking the blood of a common man. They continue to do so even now.
The present govt., intends to introduce GST through which it believes that there will be some relief. As usual the opposition parties went to deprive even that, so that the common man need not enjoy any benefit however infinitesimal it may be. This is the trend of the opposition party.

The common man has a doubt whether these politicians work for the nation or against. Thus the politicians take every single opportunity to exploit the common man, who voted for the politicians to enjoy the power. This is the sorry state of affairs.


Coming back to the reservation topic and let it be analyzed now. Reservation means sharing whatever that is available in a proportion i.e. reasonable among the public. This is meaningful when the availability is minimum and where there is a scarcity. So, reservation was meaningful during the time of independence. More than 60 years have passed. Even now if people stick to this principle it expresses the inability and inefficiency of the politicians who ruled the nation till date. If they had shown interest in the nation’s development, by now with the availability of natural resources and the huge population, the nation should have developed phenomenally. This has not happened. But a few have amassed wealth, which is mind boggling.

How could this have happened? But for the personal agenda of the politicians and the bureaucrats, people could not have suffered this much. These rulers, the politicians and the bureaucrats with much contribution from the Judiciary and both the Visible and Print media, the common man is conveniently side lined. With power belonging to the four estates, the business people like industrialists flourished. The common man is left to fight with his fellow being for grabbing his portion of the country to enjoy, leaving the either suffering. So this common man is kept in the dark by way of struggling to meet his ends. The people of the four estates and other influential ones simply make a jolly ride on the back of this common man. Especially, these affluent people exploited the reservation to such an extent that the mushrooming colleges both Engineering and Medicine sucking the blood of the common man in the form of huge donations and heavy fees. But the quality of education is kept in question.

Today the question of reservation has plunged the whole country into an
atmosphere of madness…Unfortunately instead of appreciating the spirit of
reservation in a right way as envisaged in the Constitution and consistent
with its leasie [sic] spirit and creating a suitable atmosphere therefor it is being
used the arithmatics [sic] of votes as an unerring weapon for strengthening the
party base in the context of all prevailing real politics prevalent all over the
country. The reservation is not only turning into a partnership in the gains of
exploitation but also an instrument of permanent division, prejudices, inequality
and distress created thereby in the society. Thus to-day the foremost question is
how far and how much the interests of the country and society will continue to
be sacrificed for the immediate political gains.
-Report of the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes. 30th Report.

Thus the govts., and others ruined the common man’s lives under the roof called RESERVSTION. In Tamil Nadu, reservation with 19% over and above the 50% ordered by the Supreme Court and the previous agitations for reservations in various states stand testimony to the exploitation.


The present agitation in Gujarat headed by Sri Hardik Patel must be an eye-opener for the entire citizens of India. Now that it is understood that reservation policy is used for dividing and ruling, people should pressurize the govt., in unity for the development of our nation in every field, so that reservation should become meaningless. Which means the govt., should provide enough facility to one and all, so that the people should not be deprived of anything for want of that. The opportunities should be provided to every citizen whatever He or She wants to study. If the nation is developed to such an extent, then the nation will be as per Dr. Abdul Kalam’s dreams.

Of course, this needs very huge money. But this money is already available as our own, but in the hand of corrupt people. The amount is said to be about Hundreds of Lakhs of Crores of Rupees. Instead of approaching legally, if the govt., is willing to retrieve the corrupt money, the development will become a reality.

In order to do so, instead of threatening the corrupt people if the govt., is able to bring them into the national stream, this will be possible.

As a first step
 ♦ The govt., should announce that the corrupt money may be deposited into the govt., treasury or nationalized banks. 

♦  Not even a paisa will be levied as a tax and no penalty for the corrupted.

♦ The so deposited money will still belong to them just like the money deposited in the banks by an individual. They may even withdraw the amount but, should not lock it in the forms of fixed assets. The money should be always in circulation and violation will be viewed very seriously. 

♦ This money which has come to the govt., in the form of deposits may be invested in huge schemes which will provide a lot of employment and which will make the nation wealthy and prosperous.

♦ The govt., may also set a time limit like two months or so for its convenience.

One may ask, ‘if the money so deposited still belongs to the individual, how it will be considered as the public fund?’ To this the reply is that, “it is far far better to collect from our own resources than to beg the FDIs and pledge the nation. This will be a win-win situation for both the Govt., and the corrupt money holders. Ego clash will be only detrimental to the nation”.

If the corrupt money holders can’t agree to the proposal of the govt, what can the govt., do?

• If the corrupt money holders refuse this offer, then the serious punishment of cancelling their citizenship must be given.

• Citizenship of the corrupt money holders and also of their relatives and friends, if they also enjoy the wealth of the corrupt must be cancelled.

One may have an apprehension that the human rights and the courts may intervene. If viewed properly, in case they intervene, the intervention will amount to anti-national activity. When the courts and the human rights commission never raised voice against the farmers and the poverty stricken from committing suicide and keeping silent without removing the basic cause of the poverty of the down trodden, they have no moral right to intervene to safe guard the corrupts. If it is done, it is hoped the nation will become wealthy and prosperous and national harmony will be maintained.

P S: If the Patel community and other communities urging for reservation, join together and raise the voices for development, the govt., will have no option but to work for only the nation and no opposition party will put a block to the national development. If any party or an individual is not supporting for this concern will naturally be exposed as an anti-national.1385197103109644


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  1. Vignesh

     /  September 6, 2015

    There is no doubt the politicians ruined nation for the past sixty years. We still keep saying we are ‘developing nation’. But with the amount of natural resources and human resources India has, if it is still lagging behind, there are two main reasons which I feel have contributed to the nation’s under development. First reservation, which has sidelined talent and quality. Secondly politicians who encourage and support reservation and keep the nation;s development at bay, A nation will develop only when its resources are utilized to its optimum. If that has to happen the Indian govt has to consider the idea suggested by the author in this article.


  2. Chandrashekar

     /  September 6, 2015

    The PM has rightly said that we’ve to create an era of plenty and if that is created who is going to look for reservations. Now the question is how the era of plenty is going to be created? If the black money is retrieved and if we nurture our own talent and strength by abolishing reservation, our nation will never have problem of scarcity but only ‘problem of plenty’. The solutions suggested in article to retrieve corrupt money is great and this is the way to create an era of plenty as per the wants of our PM. Hope the PM reads this article.


  3. Keshav V

     /  September 6, 2015

    The ideas in this article if implemented is immensely going to help the nation. This will certainly create a win win situation for both the black money holders and the nation.



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