Of late it is known from the visual and print media that some people want to review the reservation system, while some other want to continue the present system as the socially backward communities have not developed yet. Still others want to have a via media solution in the sense reservation can be made even for the economically backward. In the state of Rajasthan some reservation has been made recently for the economically backward also. The opposition party in the state vehemently opposes this, some sighting the constitution that provided reservations for the socially backward only.

All these actions are appearing to be either for political gain or an outcome of ignorance of various parties in India. If this approach is continues, then the consideration on the development of the nation will be something like touching the horizon. How?

We may have to travel back in time and start observing the events that took place during post Independence period. At the time of Independence, the then English rulers left our nation empty and we had to start from the scratch. Therefore, we had to share whatever that was left over in inadvertently by the British.

At the beginning of the 18th century India’s share of the world economy was 23%, as large as all of Europe put together. By the time we won independence, it had dropped to less than 4%. The reason was simple: India was governed for the benefit of Britain. Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depredations in India. Britain’s Industrial Revolution was built on the De-industrialisation of India – the destruction of Indian textiles and their replacement by manufacturing in England, using Indian raw material and exporting the finished products back to India and the rest of the world. So instead of a great exporter of finished products, India became an importer of British products, while its share of world exports fell from 27% to 2%. 

By the end of the 19th century, India was Britain’s biggest cash-cow, the world’s biggest purchaser of British exports and the source of highly paid employment for British civil servants – all at India’s own expense.

The sharing may relate to food, education, culture and whatever in which the country was very rich. Hence, the govt., was forced to adopt certain measures in order that people of India may have their due share within limits. Under the fore-text, the reservation policy was framed to enable the downtrodden, especially the socially downtrodden had to be considered for a greater extent and hence the reservation in education was imminent. However, the policy makers themselves had desired that this reservation system should be done away within the shortest period of time. Unfortunately they failed to foresee the greedy nature of the politicians and their ardent followers of the govt., officials.

The policy makers thought the succeeding politicians who would form the govt., would have national interest and they work for the development of the nation in every aspect, so that people will have enormous scope in getting whatever they want. This included money, electricity, food, water, education, health and what not? Alas, these politicians dashed the hopes of the policy makers and exploited the principle of sharing to their advantage and left the nation high and dry. Therefore even now people do not get even drinking water to their minimum requirement. As the health sector didn’t care for the nation, people are to live in unhealthy conditions and are forcibly expose to various diseases resulting in death in thousands though the statistical figures of the govt., may deny it. Let their conscious speak for them.

Similarly, in the educational sector they exploited the reservation policy to their advantage. They denied opportunities for the deserving ones in whose hands alone the development of the nation is. They diluted the quality of education to such an extent that even a single institution in India is not in the list of Top 100 institutions in the world.

Interesting facts from National Employability Report:

In India, around 600,000 engineers graduate annually from various colleges;

  • 91.82% of the students lacked programming and algorithm related skills

  • 71.23% of the students lacked soft and cognitive skills

  • 60% of the students lack domain skills (example civil engineering, mechanical engineering etc)

  • 97% of the students cannot speak English which is required for getting a IT job

  • 57.96% of students lacked analytical and quantitative skills

  • 61% of students possess grammar skills which is almost equal to a class 7thstudent

  • Only 7.1% of students can speak English which is considered as meaningful, and presentable during an interview

In the name of allowing the private institutions the country has produced thousands of Engineering and sizable quantity of Doctors. But these people are found to be unemployable by the corporate and other employers. Thus, we may go on adding reasons after reasons for our nation to remain undeveloped or under developed as the contributions made by the politicians and govt., officials.

In addition to this the Center and State govts., frame policies to benefit themselves, but project them as though they are for the interest of the states and the nation. One such example is the lifting of prohibition. Especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, even the present govt., is very much interested in allowing the liquor to stay. Though the govt., apparently prevents people from consuming alcohol through advertisement, the govt., itself is selling the liquor through its own outlets. What an irony!

t-1The govt., contends that they get huge amount through such sales and this income is very much useful in developing the state. Even when a loyal citizen approach the court for re-imposing he prohibition the court itself argued that in case prohibition is re-imposed the flow of illicit liquor will become uncontrollable and people will be suffering more and more and hence supported the lifting of prohibition. What a pity?

prohibition-of-liquor-in-keralaInstead of maintaining the law and order in the state, if the court itself is supporting the ban on prohibition. Who is going to answer the families of the victims of the consumers of the alcohol? What about the economical status of those families? Therefore, the contention of the govt., that it gets good revenue through the sale of liquor amounts to sucking the blood of thousands of innocent families. It is something like giving a good treatment to a patient by selling his two healthy kidneys. Is there any wisdom in it? Let the conscious of political parties speak of itself.

Thus in every sphere the sharing either in the name of reservation etc., has ruined the nation right from the word go. The trend continues even now and no political party is willing to re-consider the system of reservation.
The forgoing analysis may show that this problem is a perennial one. If closely observed this is not a problem at all and it is only a seeming one. Let us observe it carefully.

Only when there is a demand exceeding the supply, some method has to be adopted for sharing and reservation is one such method. If the supply meets the demand or exceeds the demand then, then the sharing system will naturally be done away with.

      Increasing the scope for supply is called development. The development will be possible only when there is huge financial resource. However, such a resource is available for our nation in the form of corrupt/black money. If this is retrieved our nation need not have any restriction like reservation etc.

The methodology on such retrieval is already explained in the previous articles. If the govt., is pressurised by the people of India, by asking “why they have to pay tax in any form, when the monetary resource in the form of corrupt/black money is available in abundance?”

Thus, the govt., should be woken up on this issue to make the nation free of reservations and other policies that divide the nation into fragments instead of integrating it. This integration includes policies on the inter-linking of rivers, making qualitative education available to one and all and 24/7 electricity and water availability, increasing the opportunities for employment to one and all and thus the govt., should look into each and every aspect of every citizen to remain self-sufficient.

To achieve this, people alone should come forward and guide the politicians and others, who adopt the policy of divide and rule to fall in line with the national integration in letter and spirit to enable the nation to become wealthy and prosperous. If the people have belief in them, the problem of reservation, for that matter any problem prevailing in this country will definitely be a seeming one and hence can be solved effortlessly.

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  1. Mahesh

     /  October 2, 2015

    Appreciate the author for looking at the problem of reservation from a different perspective.


  2. Subramanian R

     /  October 2, 2015

    Never thought bringing back the stashed money will be the solution for most of the problems prevailing in this country. Thanks for throwing some light on this issue


  3. Balaji Chandrasekaran

     /  October 2, 2015

    Even though people who don’t support reservation are more than those who support, the % of quota keeps on increasing nation wide. TN the most with 69%reservation, If the govt’s aim is to kill merit and nurture undeserving, then they must stop complaining about brain drain.



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