It is well known that large volume of money is kept idle since it is blocked as corrupt money. If it is unearthed, that will form a perennial resource of our nation. Generally people think that it cannot be brought back as it is kept by corrupt people, who are least interested in the development of the nation. But if it is viewed from a different perspective, everyone will feel that, ‘there is no reason why the corrupt should not join the national stream and contribute to the development of the nation’. People attribute various reasons for the impossibility of the retrieval, such as, fear of punishment and hence the money doesn’t reach the govt.,. This is not a valid reason because the corrupt have enormous strength in the form of money to buy any person and anything in the country.

So adapting the legal means will end up only in the loss of time and tax payer’s money. This is evident from the past experience from the handling of the issue by the Supreme Court and SIT (special Investigation Team) constituted by it. There were so many adjournments and a lot of time taken by the SIT in submitting the reports. From the perception of the corrupt and the SIT, they may justify this position. The govt., may also be satisfied with the functioning of the SIT. The Govt., itself in as much as they can show a progress on the Black/Corrupt money that so far to the tune of Rs., 4000 Crores have been recovered through this means adapted.


This may help them for contesting the elections, but from the development point of view they have done nothing. Just like rubbing the salt on the wounds, the Govt., proposed for GST etc. The recent announcement for CESS for Swatch Bharat scheme is atrocious. Just because the Govt., is unable to bring back the Corrupt Money, it doesn’t have even a moral right to tax people any more.

So the Govt., should think of implementing an alternative method in bringing back the corrupt money. That should be reasonably done like a moderate means that will create a WIN-WIN Situation for both the Govt., and the corrupt.

Regarding tax, sage Ved Vyas in Santi Parva, Rajadharmanusasana Parva of his famous epic Mahabharata, said: “State Tax be such which should not prove to be a burden on the subject; the King should behave like those bees which collect honey without causing harm to the tree.”

To do this the corrupt should not be viewed corrupt at all. Instead, they may be compassionately viewed as wrong doers without this awareness of development aspect of the nation. Though they have let the country down to the extent of making the majority of the people poor and paved a way in creating a bad impact of our nation in the minds of other countries, the entire blame has to go to the Govts., that ruled the nation for the past 60 years as they never took any step in preventing corruption and correct the people. Had it been done long back, India would never have become poor country at all. The then Govts., meticulously followed the principle of Divide and Rule policy adapted by the British, who ruled the nation for a few centuries.

“Congress is involved in divide and rule for vote bank politics. This has been their speciality. They learnt this from British,” said Narendra Modi

Now the time has come to change the view of the people, the Govt machinery and also the corrupt to FORCE THE GOVT TO BRING BACK THE CORRUPT MONEY. If this act of retrieving the corrupt money is successfully implemented, the outlook of the nation itself will change drastically in good. The probable benefits of retrieving the corrupt money are listed here,

1. If the outlook of the Govt., is changed from the conventional one so long adhered by the congress, the corrupt will not be looked upon as corrupts but people who has committed some mistakes. So people will have compassion towards them and not enmity. This will give an opportunity to work for the development of the entire nation. To achieve this, Govt., should treat the corrupt as normal citizen once they start aligning with the nation. In response to this proposed view of the Govt., the corrupt should also co-operate with the Govt., in depositing the entire money possessed by them. Something like people making Fixed Deposits etc., subject to the assurance given by the Govt., for the safe guard of this money.

2. Since the Govt., will have a huge resource, there will be no reason why the Govt., should tax the people unnecessarily. So income tax and other form of tax may go off. If the Govt., makes the tax single and acceptable to the people. The concept of black money will disappear once for all.

3. Since the Corporate and the Business people are relieved off the prevailing complicated tax patterns, they will work sincerely for the development of the nation without any reservation, as they will remain fearless since the nation have given them free hands. Hence their interest in the development nation will not be the question.

4. As the Govt., has a huge resource of funds, the price index may not arise and the purchasing power of the money will go high. Through this the standard of living will become high.

5. Since the price index fall, the Dearness Allowance (DA) to the Govt., employees will drastically come down or may be simplified since the purchasing power of the money is more.

6. It is for the Govt., to control the flow of such a large amount of money and to check inflation. To achieve this TRANSPERANCY is at most importance.

“Objection: When the corrupt money, if at all flows to the coffers of the govt., inflation may shoot up.
Ans: To avoid such a situation the govt., should be very careful in regulating the flow of money through appropriate budgeting. That is the govt., should not stop with the yearly budgeting. Number of interim budgets may also be presented depending on the flow of corrupt money in the coffers of the govt.,. Thus this problem may not be a stumbling block.” ………(

All these will be possible as the mind of the people will change because of the developments that will take place in leaps and bounds.

So far corruption is in practice because of the fear of the insecurity created by the Divide and Rule policy framed by the British for their selfish motives, which is also meticulously followed by the then Govt., that ruled the nation for the past 60 years. When the Divide and Rule policy is adopted the question of survival naturally comes and people follow the law of the survival of the fittest. When the Divide and Rule policy is done away with and the entire focus will be on development, everything will be available in plenty to everyone and there will be no fear of security. When such a mind set is present, there is no reason why the nation should not develop through handling of large volume of the resource got through the retrieval of corrupt money.

To achieve this people should ‘Arise Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached’, as advised by Swami Vivekananda.


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