It is well known that large volume of money is kept idle since it is blocked as corrupt money. If it is unearthed, that will form a perennial resource of our nation. Generally people think that it cannot be brought back as it is kept by corrupt people, who are least interested in the development of the nation. But if it is viewed from a different perspective, everyone will feel that, ‘there is no reason why the corrupt should not join the national stream and contribute to the development of the nation’. People attribute various reasons for the impossibility of the retrieval, such as, fear of punishment and hence the money doesn’t reach the govt.,. This is not a valid reason because the corrupt have enormous strength in the form of money to buy any person and anything in the country.

So adapting the legal means will end up only in the loss of time and tax payer’s money. This is evident from the past experience from the handling of the issue by the Supreme Court and SIT (special Investigation Team) constituted by it. There were so many adjournments and a lot of time taken by the SIT in submitting the reports. From the perception of the corrupt and the SIT, they may justify this position. The govt., may also be satisfied with the functioning of the SIT. The Govt., itself in as much as they can show a progress on the Black/Corrupt money that so far to the tune of Rs., 4000 Crores have been recovered through this means adapted.


This may help them for contesting the elections, but from the development point of view they have done nothing. Just like rubbing the salt on the wounds, the Govt., proposed for GST etc. The recent announcement for CESS for Swatch Bharat scheme is atrocious. Just because the Govt., is unable to bring back the Corrupt Money, it doesn’t have even a moral right to tax people any more.

So the Govt., should think of implementing an alternative method in bringing back the corrupt money. That should be reasonably done like a moderate means that will create a WIN-WIN Situation for both the Govt., and the corrupt.

Regarding tax, sage Ved Vyas in Santi Parva, Rajadharmanusasana Parva of his famous epic Mahabharata, said: “State Tax be such which should not prove to be a burden on the subject; the King should behave like those bees which collect honey without causing harm to the tree.”

To do this the corrupt should not be viewed corrupt at all. Instead, they may be compassionately viewed as wrong doers without this awareness of development aspect of the nation. Though they have let the country down to the extent of making the majority of the people poor and paved a way in creating a bad impact of our nation in the minds of other countries, the entire blame has to go to the Govts., that ruled the nation for the past 60 years as they never took any step in preventing corruption and correct the people. Had it been done long back, India would never have become poor country at all. The then Govts., meticulously followed the principle of Divide and Rule policy adapted by the British, who ruled the nation for a few centuries.

“Congress is involved in divide and rule for vote bank politics. This has been their speciality. They learnt this from British,” said Narendra Modi

Now the time has come to change the view of the people, the Govt machinery and also the corrupt to FORCE THE GOVT TO BRING BACK THE CORRUPT MONEY. If this act of retrieving the corrupt money is successfully implemented, the outlook of the nation itself will change drastically in good. The probable benefits of retrieving the corrupt money are listed here,

1. If the outlook of the Govt., is changed from the conventional one so long adhered by the congress, the corrupt will not be looked upon as corrupts but people who has committed some mistakes. So people will have compassion towards them and not enmity. This will give an opportunity to work for the development of the entire nation. To achieve this, Govt., should treat the corrupt as normal citizen once they start aligning with the nation. In response to this proposed view of the Govt., the corrupt should also co-operate with the Govt., in depositing the entire money possessed by them. Something like people making Fixed Deposits etc., subject to the assurance given by the Govt., for the safe guard of this money.

2. Since the Govt., will have a huge resource, there will be no reason why the Govt., should tax the people unnecessarily. So income tax and other form of tax may go off. If the Govt., makes the tax single and acceptable to the people. The concept of black money will disappear once for all.

3. Since the Corporate and the Business people are relieved off the prevailing complicated tax patterns, they will work sincerely for the development of the nation without any reservation, as they will remain fearless since the nation have given them free hands. Hence their interest in the development nation will not be the question.

4. As the Govt., has a huge resource of funds, the price index may not arise and the purchasing power of the money will go high. Through this the standard of living will become high.

5. Since the price index fall, the Dearness Allowance (DA) to the Govt., employees will drastically come down or may be simplified since the purchasing power of the money is more.

6. It is for the Govt., to control the flow of such a large amount of money and to check inflation. To achieve this TRANSPERANCY is at most importance.

“Objection: When the corrupt money, if at all flows to the coffers of the govt., inflation may shoot up.
Ans: To avoid such a situation the govt., should be very careful in regulating the flow of money through appropriate budgeting. That is the govt., should not stop with the yearly budgeting. Number of interim budgets may also be presented depending on the flow of corrupt money in the coffers of the govt.,. Thus this problem may not be a stumbling block.” ………(

All these will be possible as the mind of the people will change because of the developments that will take place in leaps and bounds.

So far corruption is in practice because of the fear of the insecurity created by the Divide and Rule policy framed by the British for their selfish motives, which is also meticulously followed by the then Govt., that ruled the nation for the past 60 years. When the Divide and Rule policy is adopted the question of survival naturally comes and people follow the law of the survival of the fittest. When the Divide and Rule policy is done away with and the entire focus will be on development, everything will be available in plenty to everyone and there will be no fear of security. When such a mind set is present, there is no reason why the nation should not develop through handling of large volume of the resource got through the retrieval of corrupt money.

To achieve this people should ‘Arise Awake and Stop not till the Goal is Reached’, as advised by Swami Vivekananda.




First and foremost one should understand the term BLACK MONEY is a misnomer. The black money is nothing but an outcome of the inefficiency of the govt.,. If the govt., had some rationality, it would have levied the tax reasonably to the extent of people willing to pay the tax on their own. Since the govt., like sucking the blood, levied the tax to the limit of over burdening the tax payer and this makes the tax payer hesitate in paying tax. Normal tendency for any human being is, not to part with his hot earned possession and if anybody or any agency tries to snatch it, the person will naturally hide it somewhere and keep it safe. This is the reason behind the accumulation of the INTERNAL black money. Technically speaking this is not black money at all.

“Regrettably, our high taxation regime in the past eventually ended up encouraging tax evasion… The early decades after independence witnessed India with high taxation rates, prompting people to evade. The capacity of the State to detect evasion was less than adequate. Over the years, India has slowly started moving towards moderate rates of taxation,” he said, adding that the Modi government was still committed to reducing the corporate tax rate to 25 per cent from the existing 30 per cent over the next four years, a promise Mr. Jaitley had made in his Budget speech.

The internal resources of the nation are hidden in the form of black money, because of the mistake of the govt., by levying more taxes. It is a pity to highlight that levying of the service tax is really a blood sucking process under taken by the govt.,. If the govt., continues to follow its principles on levying the taxes, internal black money will also increase like the blocked corrupt money which is running into lakhs of crores of rupees.

Thus when the govt., reasonably levies tax there is no reason why black money should be present in the country, that too to a very large proportion. The govt., the bureaucrats, the business circle, individuals join hands together and the country is ruined because of their policies and its implementation. So, one should keep in mind that the internal black money is NO BLACK MONEY AT ALL. Hence, the govt., should allow the flow of money by minimum taxing.

However, in the case of CORRUPT MONEY the tendency of the corrupt money holders is entirely different. They go out of the way in finding the loop holes in the laws of the nation and utilize them to their advantage and thereby the national resources are swindled.

Thus, there is a vast difference between, the black money and the corrupt money. The black money can be easily brought back to the national resources by simplifying the taxation pressure. However, in the case of corrupt money, it has to be retrieved through some means. The means should also be effective in the sense that the retrieval time should be very minimum, say for example 2 to 3 months. This is because, if the retrieval is delayed, more and more committing of suicide by the poverty stricken like the farmers will increase day by day. The committing of suicide by the farmers in Karnataka recently stands as a solid example.

Therefore, the govt., should act very fast in recovering corrupt money. If the govt., takes the course of the law it will be understood by the people that it is a time delaying tactics.

So far, the country hasn’t seen any major case involving huge amounts due to corruption getting cleared before minimum of 10 to 20 years. Even then, the wrong doers can gain time through appeals using their financial strength. Therefore, just like in the health sector, if Allopathy is not able to produce a desired result or cure, people restore to alternative medicine. Here also, govt., should try to adopt alternative means as law of the land has failed miserably in recovering the corrupt money so far.

Similarly, the govt., should adopt some alternative means to enable the corrupt money holders to fall in line with the nation.

FM calls for greater use of plastic money to curb use of black money

THE Union Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley, said that there is need to take steps to encourage people to use more and more accounted money and discourage the use of unaccounted currency. In this regard, the Finance Minister said that with the progress in the growth of economy, more and more people should be incentivized to use plastic money such as credit cards, Rupay cards and cheques or any other negotiable instrument. They should be discouraged to use hard currency or unaccounted money, he added.

The Finance Minister has recently said, that the government was taking several other steps to curb black money transactions within the country. The government is at an advanced stage in considering making it mandatory to provide PAN card details for cash transactions beyond a certain limit, he said. “The monitoring regime of the income tax (department) has been strengthened and… its ability to detect large cash withdrawals, or large cash transactions which enter the system, is being strengthened”.

As these steps will curb the use of  black money in the country, The Govt., may also consider the following steps for the Retrieval of Corrupt Money,

• Instead of bringing corrupt under book, Govt. may request the corrupt to deposit their money in to the Govt. Treasury. No tax may be levied.

• On the other hand even an interest may be paid to the money so invested as it ceases to be corrupt money once it is deposited.

• The money may be invested in huge projects likes Inter linking of river etc., which will create large job opportunities directly and indirectly. Thus economy will develop in leaps and bounds.

• The govt., may also set a time limit like two months or so for its convenience.

• If the corrupt refuses to oblige, stringent laws like ‘cancellation of citizenship’ may be brought in to force.

The PM’s hands must be strengthened by every citizen in the issue related to retrieving corrupt money. Then only, effective tax regime will be possible; inflation may be under check and so many developments will be possible.





Of late it is known from the visual and print media that some people want to review the reservation system, while some other want to continue the present system as the socially backward communities have not developed yet. Still others want to have a via media solution in the sense reservation can be made even for the economically backward. In the state of Rajasthan some reservation has been made recently for the economically backward also. The opposition party in the state vehemently opposes this, some sighting the constitution that provided reservations for the socially backward only.

All these actions are appearing to be either for political gain or an outcome of ignorance of various parties in India. If this approach is continues, then the consideration on the development of the nation will be something like touching the horizon. How?

We may have to travel back in time and start observing the events that took place during post Independence period. At the time of Independence, the then English rulers left our nation empty and we had to start from the scratch. Therefore, we had to share whatever that was left over in inadvertently by the British.

At the beginning of the 18th century India’s share of the world economy was 23%, as large as all of Europe put together. By the time we won independence, it had dropped to less than 4%. The reason was simple: India was governed for the benefit of Britain. Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depredations in India. Britain’s Industrial Revolution was built on the De-industrialisation of India – the destruction of Indian textiles and their replacement by manufacturing in England, using Indian raw material and exporting the finished products back to India and the rest of the world. So instead of a great exporter of finished products, India became an importer of British products, while its share of world exports fell from 27% to 2%. 

By the end of the 19th century, India was Britain’s biggest cash-cow, the world’s biggest purchaser of British exports and the source of highly paid employment for British civil servants – all at India’s own expense.

The sharing may relate to food, education, culture and whatever in which the country was very rich. Hence, the govt., was forced to adopt certain measures in order that people of India may have their due share within limits. Under the fore-text, the reservation policy was framed to enable the downtrodden, especially the socially downtrodden had to be considered for a greater extent and hence the reservation in education was imminent. However, the policy makers themselves had desired that this reservation system should be done away within the shortest period of time. Unfortunately they failed to foresee the greedy nature of the politicians and their ardent followers of the govt., officials.

The policy makers thought the succeeding politicians who would form the govt., would have national interest and they work for the development of the nation in every aspect, so that people will have enormous scope in getting whatever they want. This included money, electricity, food, water, education, health and what not? Alas, these politicians dashed the hopes of the policy makers and exploited the principle of sharing to their advantage and left the nation high and dry. Therefore even now people do not get even drinking water to their minimum requirement. As the health sector didn’t care for the nation, people are to live in unhealthy conditions and are forcibly expose to various diseases resulting in death in thousands though the statistical figures of the govt., may deny it. Let their conscious speak for them.

Similarly, in the educational sector they exploited the reservation policy to their advantage. They denied opportunities for the deserving ones in whose hands alone the development of the nation is. They diluted the quality of education to such an extent that even a single institution in India is not in the list of Top 100 institutions in the world.

Interesting facts from National Employability Report:

In India, around 600,000 engineers graduate annually from various colleges;

  • 91.82% of the students lacked programming and algorithm related skills

  • 71.23% of the students lacked soft and cognitive skills

  • 60% of the students lack domain skills (example civil engineering, mechanical engineering etc)

  • 97% of the students cannot speak English which is required for getting a IT job

  • 57.96% of students lacked analytical and quantitative skills

  • 61% of students possess grammar skills which is almost equal to a class 7thstudent

  • Only 7.1% of students can speak English which is considered as meaningful, and presentable during an interview

In the name of allowing the private institutions the country has produced thousands of Engineering and sizable quantity of Doctors. But these people are found to be unemployable by the corporate and other employers. Thus, we may go on adding reasons after reasons for our nation to remain undeveloped or under developed as the contributions made by the politicians and govt., officials.

In addition to this the Center and State govts., frame policies to benefit themselves, but project them as though they are for the interest of the states and the nation. One such example is the lifting of prohibition. Especially in the state of Tamil Nadu, even the present govt., is very much interested in allowing the liquor to stay. Though the govt., apparently prevents people from consuming alcohol through advertisement, the govt., itself is selling the liquor through its own outlets. What an irony!

t-1The govt., contends that they get huge amount through such sales and this income is very much useful in developing the state. Even when a loyal citizen approach the court for re-imposing he prohibition the court itself argued that in case prohibition is re-imposed the flow of illicit liquor will become uncontrollable and people will be suffering more and more and hence supported the lifting of prohibition. What a pity?

prohibition-of-liquor-in-keralaInstead of maintaining the law and order in the state, if the court itself is supporting the ban on prohibition. Who is going to answer the families of the victims of the consumers of the alcohol? What about the economical status of those families? Therefore, the contention of the govt., that it gets good revenue through the sale of liquor amounts to sucking the blood of thousands of innocent families. It is something like giving a good treatment to a patient by selling his two healthy kidneys. Is there any wisdom in it? Let the conscious of political parties speak of itself.

Thus in every sphere the sharing either in the name of reservation etc., has ruined the nation right from the word go. The trend continues even now and no political party is willing to re-consider the system of reservation.
The forgoing analysis may show that this problem is a perennial one. If closely observed this is not a problem at all and it is only a seeming one. Let us observe it carefully.

Only when there is a demand exceeding the supply, some method has to be adopted for sharing and reservation is one such method. If the supply meets the demand or exceeds the demand then, then the sharing system will naturally be done away with.

      Increasing the scope for supply is called development. The development will be possible only when there is huge financial resource. However, such a resource is available for our nation in the form of corrupt/black money. If this is retrieved our nation need not have any restriction like reservation etc.

The methodology on such retrieval is already explained in the previous articles. If the govt., is pressurised by the people of India, by asking “why they have to pay tax in any form, when the monetary resource in the form of corrupt/black money is available in abundance?”

Thus, the govt., should be woken up on this issue to make the nation free of reservations and other policies that divide the nation into fragments instead of integrating it. This integration includes policies on the inter-linking of rivers, making qualitative education available to one and all and 24/7 electricity and water availability, increasing the opportunities for employment to one and all and thus the govt., should look into each and every aspect of every citizen to remain self-sufficient.

To achieve this, people alone should come forward and guide the politicians and others, who adopt the policy of divide and rule to fall in line with the national integration in letter and spirit to enable the nation to become wealthy and prosperous. If the people have belief in them, the problem of reservation, for that matter any problem prevailing in this country will definitely be a seeming one and hence can be solved effortlessly.

RETRIEVAL OF CORRUPT/BLACK MONEY – A Wrong Approach by the Government

It is learnt from the media that the Finance Minister is not going to have a soft approach in retrieving the Black/Corrupt money. Instead he is going to penalize heavily if the corrupt do not comply with the present rules framed by the govt.

“This (black money) is not an issue which we are going to go soft on. Because, ultimately the target of any economy as it grows is to bring more and more resources into the system. It is extremely legitimate for any country to say my resources must come within the system, they must not remain parked outside the system. We were reasonable enough to put people on notice and gave them a fair opportunity to bring them in. I can only tell that those who disagree on black money issue, well we will agree to differ,”  The FM said at ‘The India Summit 2015’ organised by The Economist magazine.

This attitude may help the govt., to claim that it has also taken some steps in retrieving the stashed money. But if the bureaucrats and ministers dealing with that subject have any conscience, it should prick them as they are guilty. How?

The present party made promise during the last election that the govt., will bring back the corrupt money which runs into huge volumes. If the ruling party members have any real desire in the development of the nation, the finance minister and his team should not deal this with Egos rising. Even hypothetically speaking, on the retrieval of corrupt money through the legal means, the purpose of such retrieval for the development of nation may get defeated since it is not known how many farmers will commit suicide leaving their families high and dry. Also how many unemployed youth will turn hostile against their motherland giving room for the growth of terrorist outfits like naxalites, Maoists group etc.

Besides, the govt., is exposed in its inept dealing with the nation by levying tax on the people who are poverty stricken and also on those who are loyal to the motherland. Whenever a crises arises the govt., finds it easy to levy the tax, without a least consideration on the burden of the common man. For instance, the so called the ‘GST (Goods & Service Tax)’ which is only a hype, is nothing but a burden and nothing else. Why should the govt., levy tax at all indiscriminately, when unthinkable amount of money is available in the form of corrupt money. There is no excuse at all for the govt., to accept the failure in non-retrieval. If the govt., considers the nation to be the mother of every citizen including the members of the govt., leaving the nation in the lurch is unpardonable. Therefore the govt., is fully responsible for the retrieval of the corrupt money through some means or other giving up the ego.

Here punishing the corrupt money be the aim of the law and others. At what cost?
…At the cost of the precious lives of thousands of farmers and the untold miseries of the jobless. There is no point in begging for FDI’s for the sake of the fictitious development of the nation. A nation can be said to be developed only when it is debt-free and self sufficient in all aspects. Such a development will be possible only through the retrieval of corrupt money. Some may think ‘Is just an outcry of the middle class idiots?’ If such people think consciously without any prejudice, they will understand that their attitude is anti-national in as much as they hope for an imaginary development without the use of the supposed to be retrieved corrupt money that is available in abundance. Hence the govt., should act fast in retrieving the corrupt money even if it is through any other amicable means within a short period of time.

If the govt., has any willingness in the real development of the nation, it should make a friendly approach towards the corrupt money holders, keeping in mind that it is for the protection of the farmers of the land and the future generations. If the corrupt money is retrieved the development of the nation will be a reality for every citizen and there need not be any more committing of suicide and unrest in any form due to poverty. There cannot be any parity in the levying of tax in as much as every man will be willing to pay tax and as the govt., has justification in levying tax. Instead, if the govt., is not willing to give up its ego and at the same time in order to garner the votes during election, if it announces subsidies and others concessions like freebies, it amounts to the cheating of the public. It also reveals the arrogance of the govt., in treating the people like beggars.

Therefore, the govt., should not be whimsical in its approach towards the retrieval of the corrupt money. Already, number of alternative means of retrieval of corrupt money would have been suggested by number of patriots by now. So, the govt., should understand that there is no point in circumventing the problem and make the nation healthy and prosperous. If this is done our nation will also create an impact globally by becoming a well developed nation.

Calling the recently passed Black Money Bill, 2015 (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets Bill) futile, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has criticised the NDA government’s efforts of bringing back India’s black money abroad saying that the steps taken so far are ““inadequate, ineffective” and of “diversionary value”.

Comparing the country’s black money to cancer, he called the denial of a nation’s financial system the benefits of its citizens’ wealth as “treason”, and said that it would not be long before the country’s economy was completely contorted because of this.

He also said that though the statute ensured punishment for offenders, there was no option to track down and bring back the money.

Besides, the ill effects of corruption may be considered now. The govt., which ruled immediately after independence, was running a ‘License Raj’ which paved the way for the sprouting of corruption. Though, with a good intention reservation policy was implemented after the independence. By sticking on to that the corruption got nourishment. Since, the politicians acted smartly, the people started fighting amongst themselves due to the scarcity of opportunities forgetting the cause behind such unfortunate events, namely the policy of divide and rule. The politicians started exploiting such a weakness of the people, the corruption became rampant and the rulers never thought of providing even the basic necessities for a common man.

Various micro-studies reviewed by the authors unmistakably suggest that the efficiency costs of corruption could be quite severe, as corruption may jack up the marginal tax rate of firms, decrease business activity, raise the marginal costs of public funds and render certain government projects economically unviable.

This resulted in increasing the ill-effects. For example, the health programs were neglected and the common man could not have a hygienic environment and quality water for drinking and other purposes. Being deprived of healthy life, this resulted in various epidemics snatching away thousands of lives. As the people remained poverty stricken due to the carelessness of the rulers who were engrossed in corruption transactions, infant deaths were remaining the order of the day.

The carelessness the rulers showed in the education sector resulted in increasing the anti-social activities which was aptly supported by the unemployment problems.


Thus the corruption introduced by the British through the divide and rule policy percolated through and through and even now it is exhibited in the form of indifferent attitude of even the present govt.,. Thus it becomes imperative for the govt., to retrieve the corrupt money in a war footing.


As a first step

• Instead of bringing corrupt under book, Govt. may request the corrupt to deposit their money in to the Govt. Treasury. No tax may be levied.

• On the other hand even an interest may be paid to the money so invested as it ceases to be corrupt money once it is deposited.

• The money may be invested in huge projects likes Inter linking of river etc., which will create large job opportunities directly and indirectly. Thus economy will develop in leaps and bounds.

• The govt., may also set a time limit like two months or so for its convenience.

• If the corrupt refuses to oblige, stringent laws like ‘cancellation of citizenship’ may be brought in to force.

Thus there will be every possibility for our nation becoming a “super power” in every respect within a short span of time.

One may ask, ‘if the money so deposited still belongs to the individual, how it will be considered as the public fund?’ To this the reply is that, it is far far better to collect from our own resources than to beg the FDIs and pledge the nation. This will be a win-win situation for both the Govt., and the corrupt money holders. Ego clash will be only detrimental to the nation.

If this has to happen, the present PM has to be supported by every citizen of India. A movement like “Quit India” movement during our Independent struggle has to evolve. The movement may be called as “Retrieval of Corrupt Money Movement”. The PM’s hands must be strengthened by every citizen in the issue related to retrieving corrupt money. Then only, effective tax regime will be possible; inflation may be under check and so many developments will be possible. PM should lead this operation, “Retrieval of Corrupt Money Movement” to make our nation wealthy and prosperous.



Recently both the print and visual Medias are filled with the information on the agitation for the Patel Community in Gujarat headed by a young man called Hardik Patel. He was able to lead a mass of the Patel community in a short span of time and is confident of spreading it to other places also. Besides, it is learnt that he wanted to include other communities in other states like Jats, Yadavs, etc., and he wanted to make it a national movement. Unfortunately some lives were lost and some public properties were said to be damaged during agitation. Let the reservation policy and its implementations for the past so many years may be viewed from another perspective.

Initially during independence, the leaders who studied the then prevailing condition wanted to introduce the reservation due to the paucity of funds and other infrastructural facilities. To explain, when the British left the country they swindled everything and made India a pauper. In order to commence the ruling of our own government in every field like education, industrial development etc., the government had to introduce some stop gap arrangements to gain time and put India in the right track through development. The implementation of the reservation policy was one such thing in the education sector in order not to deprive the down trodden, so that the nation will have a wide spread growth throughout the length and breadth of the country.

Dr. Ambedkar specifically mentioned that the reservation should be done away within a span of 15 years after the implementation. Unfortunately, the then ruling parties having tasted the power of ruling, meticulously started following the footsteps of the British. So they thought that only by maintaining or increasing the gap between the upper and lower classes in each aspect of the society, they could get along just like the British did previously. The trend continues till date and the development remains a distant dream to the extent that people think, ‘it’s something like touching the horizon’.

images ambkr

Taking advantage of the helplessness of the citizens, a few started amazing wealth to an unimaginable extent at the cost of the poverty stricken. Not only that, the ruling govts., without having any guilty feeling levying taxes, which amounts to sucking the blood of a common man. They continue to do so even now.
The present govt., intends to introduce GST through which it believes that there will be some relief. As usual the opposition parties went to deprive even that, so that the common man need not enjoy any benefit however infinitesimal it may be. This is the trend of the opposition party.

The common man has a doubt whether these politicians work for the nation or against. Thus the politicians take every single opportunity to exploit the common man, who voted for the politicians to enjoy the power. This is the sorry state of affairs.


Coming back to the reservation topic and let it be analyzed now. Reservation means sharing whatever that is available in a proportion i.e. reasonable among the public. This is meaningful when the availability is minimum and where there is a scarcity. So, reservation was meaningful during the time of independence. More than 60 years have passed. Even now if people stick to this principle it expresses the inability and inefficiency of the politicians who ruled the nation till date. If they had shown interest in the nation’s development, by now with the availability of natural resources and the huge population, the nation should have developed phenomenally. This has not happened. But a few have amassed wealth, which is mind boggling.

How could this have happened? But for the personal agenda of the politicians and the bureaucrats, people could not have suffered this much. These rulers, the politicians and the bureaucrats with much contribution from the Judiciary and both the Visible and Print media, the common man is conveniently side lined. With power belonging to the four estates, the business people like industrialists flourished. The common man is left to fight with his fellow being for grabbing his portion of the country to enjoy, leaving the either suffering. So this common man is kept in the dark by way of struggling to meet his ends. The people of the four estates and other influential ones simply make a jolly ride on the back of this common man. Especially, these affluent people exploited the reservation to such an extent that the mushrooming colleges both Engineering and Medicine sucking the blood of the common man in the form of huge donations and heavy fees. But the quality of education is kept in question.

Today the question of reservation has plunged the whole country into an
atmosphere of madness…Unfortunately instead of appreciating the spirit of
reservation in a right way as envisaged in the Constitution and consistent
with its leasie [sic] spirit and creating a suitable atmosphere therefor it is being
used the arithmatics [sic] of votes as an unerring weapon for strengthening the
party base in the context of all prevailing real politics prevalent all over the
country. The reservation is not only turning into a partnership in the gains of
exploitation but also an instrument of permanent division, prejudices, inequality
and distress created thereby in the society. Thus to-day the foremost question is
how far and how much the interests of the country and society will continue to
be sacrificed for the immediate political gains.
-Report of the Commissioner for Scheduled Castes And Scheduled Tribes. 30th Report.

Thus the govts., and others ruined the common man’s lives under the roof called RESERVSTION. In Tamil Nadu, reservation with 19% over and above the 50% ordered by the Supreme Court and the previous agitations for reservations in various states stand testimony to the exploitation.


The present agitation in Gujarat headed by Sri Hardik Patel must be an eye-opener for the entire citizens of India. Now that it is understood that reservation policy is used for dividing and ruling, people should pressurize the govt., in unity for the development of our nation in every field, so that reservation should become meaningless. Which means the govt., should provide enough facility to one and all, so that the people should not be deprived of anything for want of that. The opportunities should be provided to every citizen whatever He or She wants to study. If the nation is developed to such an extent, then the nation will be as per Dr. Abdul Kalam’s dreams.

Of course, this needs very huge money. But this money is already available as our own, but in the hand of corrupt people. The amount is said to be about Hundreds of Lakhs of Crores of Rupees. Instead of approaching legally, if the govt., is willing to retrieve the corrupt money, the development will become a reality.

In order to do so, instead of threatening the corrupt people if the govt., is able to bring them into the national stream, this will be possible.

As a first step
 ♦ The govt., should announce that the corrupt money may be deposited into the govt., treasury or nationalized banks. 

♦  Not even a paisa will be levied as a tax and no penalty for the corrupted.

♦ The so deposited money will still belong to them just like the money deposited in the banks by an individual. They may even withdraw the amount but, should not lock it in the forms of fixed assets. The money should be always in circulation and violation will be viewed very seriously. 

♦ This money which has come to the govt., in the form of deposits may be invested in huge schemes which will provide a lot of employment and which will make the nation wealthy and prosperous.

♦ The govt., may also set a time limit like two months or so for its convenience.

One may ask, ‘if the money so deposited still belongs to the individual, how it will be considered as the public fund?’ To this the reply is that, “it is far far better to collect from our own resources than to beg the FDIs and pledge the nation. This will be a win-win situation for both the Govt., and the corrupt money holders. Ego clash will be only detrimental to the nation”.

If the corrupt money holders can’t agree to the proposal of the govt, what can the govt., do?

• If the corrupt money holders refuse this offer, then the serious punishment of cancelling their citizenship must be given.

• Citizenship of the corrupt money holders and also of their relatives and friends, if they also enjoy the wealth of the corrupt must be cancelled.

One may have an apprehension that the human rights and the courts may intervene. If viewed properly, in case they intervene, the intervention will amount to anti-national activity. When the courts and the human rights commission never raised voice against the farmers and the poverty stricken from committing suicide and keeping silent without removing the basic cause of the poverty of the down trodden, they have no moral right to intervene to safe guard the corrupts. If it is done, it is hoped the nation will become wealthy and prosperous and national harmony will be maintained.

P S: If the Patel community and other communities urging for reservation, join together and raise the voices for development, the govt., will have no option but to work for only the nation and no opposition party will put a block to the national development. If any party or an individual is not supporting for this concern will naturally be exposed as an anti-national.1385197103109644



It has become imperative to unearth the corrupt money for the nation’s developmental prosperity. Sine the volume of the corrupt money is said to be more than 100 lakhs of crores, if the corrupt money is retrieved, it is left to the imagination of the individual to look at our nation in what condition it will be then. In retrieving the corrupt money there may be many ways. Through legal means the govt., has tried so far but in vain. This is because the people holding the corrupt money are very very powerful and they are capable of making their ways easily to escape from the clutches of law. It is also our experience from the past, for so many years the attempts made by the govts., by giving concessions or coercion were futile.


Therefore through forceful means it is not possible to extract the corrupt money from its holders, hence some alternate means have to be adopted in unearthing the corrupt money and the entire corrupt money has to be unearthed for the nation to become a well developed one.

The govt., may enact some laws and may also unearth the corrupt money to an extent. This may help the ruling party to claim that it has recovered the black money while contesting the future elections. But the conscience of ruling party should prick, since the govt., has not done any justice to the poverty stricken, with this small amount that form a tip of an iceberg. Moreover, more the delay in devising effective ways and means of retrieving the corrupt money at the earliest in war footing, the more will be the nation’s loss in the form of farmers suicide, unrest due to unemployment problem etc.,.

If the govt., observes carefully, it itself may find it to be absurd, that it is taxing the common man more and more in the form of various taxes. The govt., may claim that it gives concessions to the needy while levying tax. This argument also cannot hold water. Why? Because when Hundreds of Lakhs of Crores of Rupees are lying idle in the form of corrupt money and leaving it without any utility, but keep on levying  tax, will naturally expose the inefficiency of the govt.,. Thus any delay in implementing any programs in retrieving the corrupt money will be viewed by common citizen as a great injustice to the nation. Therefore through some way or the other, the govt., is forced to take some action in retrieving the corrupt money.


The govt., should be sincere enough to think on the lines of eradicating the poverty and developing the nation. Sky is the limit for any development, because there is always a scope for development. If the govt., sincerely thinks on development, then it will realize that the paucity of funds always blocks the development and the fear of insecurity in the form of paucity of funds breads corrupt. So, if the govt., is really interested in developing the nation and in plugging the corruption, the corrupt money has to be retrieved. It will have minimum two advantages.

1. The govt., will be able to do away with levying tax and at the same time invest in huge projects that will obviously result in development to a very high degree.

2. The mentality of the people will change as there in no fear of insecurity as far as the wealth is concerned as the nation has perennial resource of wealth.


♦ It may be proposed by the govt., that the corrupt money will be strait away treated as white if the corrupt money holders surrender the entire ‘corrupt money’ without leaving even a single paisa to the govt.,.

♦ The money thus retrieved will be treated as some deposits made by the corrupt money holders and the holders will have the right to enjoy that money. However, while enjoying, they should circulate the money so enjoyed and the blocking of money will never be allowed. A period of maximum two months may be given to the holders of the corrupt money to deposit in to the govt., treasury. No tax or penalty should be levied as these corrupt money holders are not treated as criminals.

This is because, the govt., also had a role in such a criminal act through not allowing the corrupt money to exist this long. The govt., was also a party to it by keeping silent and if at all any action has to be taken, the judiciary stepped in and protected the corrupt money holders in the form of adjournments or restraining the govt., through some loop holes efficiently while processing.

Past is Past. Now, to settle the issue the govt., should give such a conclusion which will result in win-win situations. Here one may argue, though the corrupt money is retrieved, if it is allowed to belong to the holders of corrupt money, the govt., can only use it and can’t claim ownership on it. To this the reply is that the govt., has at least an opportunity to avail such an unimaginable huge amount for the welfare of the nation. This will be a golden opportunity, as it is going to develop the nation in leaps and bounds. It is far far better than begging the FDIs and unnecessarily levying tax to the common man who is already over burdened and poverty stricken. So, for the development of the nation the retrieval of corrupt money is vital.

If the corrupt money holders can’t agree to the proposal of the govt., what can the govt., do?

Will be continued……………………



What is Development?

Development may be defined in many ways according to the ways of thinking of the people. If all these ideas are put together and the entire unit is called development, then the implementation towards such a development is impossible. So a consensus has to be there in defining development, i.e. the so called development should percolate the entire nation to enable each and everyone to perceive its benefits and also be able to sustain it. Thus, this may be passed on to the next generation, which will have enough scope for defining development to that day’s requirements.

Under such circumstances, the present day individual needs a development in the form of self sufficiency to begin with. This is because the majority of our people don’t have enough opportunities in meeting their ends. To explain, the so called basic needs of Food, Shelter and Clothing are literally luxurious to the poverty stricken. To highlight this, it may be said that even having one square meal/day appears to be monumental task to many.

5_aThe availability of potable water is not made available for one and all. Availability to the full requirement of every citizen is possible only in ‘Abdul Kalam’s Dream’. Thanks to the State and Central govts., for such a ‘mighty contribution’.

It is better to leave than to say something on electricity power. The govts., keep announcing on increased production of electricity, but such a thing is not perceived by the people as they suffer because of power cuts and escalation of the cost of power. Similarly if you take up Transportation for consideration, people are forced to accept the prevailing condition as the better one because of non-availability of the other option. Railways, Airways, Roadways are all taking a toll out of the people by indiscriminately raising the cost of transportation to their whims and fancies and at the same time don’t provide the expected facilities. For example, Rail ticket reservation creates a lot of tension among people.

Even in communicating on day to day affairs the main stream media do a total injustice by ‘forcing the people to know about what they want the people to know, not otherwise’. Thus in every aspect the citizen of India is deprived of having a qualitative life. This being so, where is the scope for self sufficiency? So, development remains a distant dream for the citizen of India.

First and foremost the govt., should feel that it is allowed to govern only for satisfying at least the people’s basic demands. Since our nation is having enormous population, their aspect of fulfilling the basic needs of the people itself is a herculean task. But no excuse should be made on that score. Once a govt., is formed the bounden duty of the govt., is to sincerely find the ways and means for providing basic facilities and develop the nation in the process.

In order to fulfill the commitment, the govt., should have enormous money to invest in developmental projects which will naturally lead to not only fulfilling the basic requirement but also will make people self sufficient. If this is achieved India can proudly claim that it’s a developed nation. In order to get that enormous funds, the govt., need not beg from FDIs or World Bank loans etc,. Since a very huge quantity of our own money is said to be blocked in the form of corrupt money.

black_money_blackensIf it is unearthed, in no time people will become self sufficient in all the fields like education, employment, food production, electricity and what not? Therefore, it is certain that the retrieval of the corrupt money will play a major role in the development of the nation. Otherwise the govt., will be simply levying the tax and keep people under poverty and development will appear as mirage water.

How to unearth the corrupt money?

To be continued……………



The Opposition’s main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public.The Opposition is equally responsible in upholding the best interests of the people of the country.

The role of the opposition in parliament is basically to check the excesses of the ruling or dominant party, and not to be totally antagonistic. There are actions of the ruling party which may be beneficial to the masses and opposition is expected to support such steps.

Right from the first session of the Parliament, it is observed by the people that the functioning is stalled for some reason or other by the opposition parties. When the govt., is intense in initiating any discussion on the development of the nation, it became a habit for the opposition parties to stall the proceedings of the houses. As days go by it has become rampant that the opposition parties make huge cry even for non issues. One such issues taken up for the stalling of the Parliament is, the demand on the resignation of the Hon. Ministers Smt. Sushma Swaraj , Smt. Vasundara Raje and Shri. Shivraj Chauhan.

This demand appears to be silly because the opposition parties are unwilling to even give a patient hearing on the important issues like Land Acquisition Bill, GST etc.,. This appears to be silly and shows that the opposition parties are thoroughly disinterested in the development of the nation.

♦ Can the opposition parties convince the people, how the resignation of these ministers is going to develop the economy of the nation, improve the welfare of the people and solve other major issues that are demanding a lot more sessions of the parliament?

♦ If the opposition parties are able to prove that the demand of the resignation of the ministers will definitely help in the economical growth etc., then naturally people also will join hands with them.

♦“If these opposition parties have the only intention of stalling the parliament, then it amounts to ANTI-NATIONAL activity, as it forms an impediment to the development of the nation through non-functioning of the parliament”.

♦ If at all the opposition parties demand the resignation of the people involved in Lalit Gate & Vyapam Gate, then the opposition parties should approach through the Court of Law.

President stern message on Parliament disruptions: Noisy minority can’t gag patient majority.

“Disruption of Parliament leads to loss of time and resources and also paralyzes policy formulation,” the President said


The people view that, such stalling of parliament is an Act of Disobedience from the opposition parties’ side. To explain, the people of the nation voted against the opposition parties because they felt that they are let down thoroughly by then ruling govts.,. In order to have good governance the present ruling party is given an opportunity to deliver the goods to the people’s expectations. When the opposition parties don’t even allow the govt., to function for lame reasons, people will not be able to make a study on the performance of the present govt.

“During UPA regime parliament was disrupted because government was running away from debate, now when government is ready for debate Congress is shying away from debate and they are disrupting parliament,” said Prakash Javadekar on Congress’s running away from debate was reason for disruption of parliament during UPA and now during NDA regime.

Instead people will have a clear cut impression that all the opposition parties that block the function of the present govt., are ANTI-NATIONALS. So there may be a possibility that these parties may be raised to the ground and chances of recovering may become very slim.

This implies that even in the Rajya Sabha the opposition parties may not have a say as a result of getting defeated in the state election



Is India poor, who says? Ask Swiss banks.
…With personal account deposit bank of $1500 billion in foreign reserve which have been misappropriated, an amount 13 times larger than the country’s foreign debt, one needs to rethink if India is a poor country?

It was suggested that the corrupt money-holders may be advised to deposit the corrupt money, that is not under circulation, into the govt. coffers for the best utilization of the same, i.e., for the development of the nation. If they don’t oblige, severe punishment to the extent of cancelling the citizenship was also suggested. It was also opined that the whole process may be completed within a short span of time, say, between 3 and 6 months. When the corrupt money is thus received, which is said to be of the order of several lakhs of crores of rupees, there is every possibility for the nation to become wealthy and prosperous within a short period of time. When people learnt about these suggestions, some of them had their own apprehensions on the successful implementation of this assignment.

A few of them even expressed the cause of their apprehensions. Let those points be taken up for consideration now and an analysis be made on the same.

Objection: First of all, when it was pointed out that the nation was humiliated and led down as a consequence of the cunningness of the British, who ruled us for a few centuries, people objected that after their departure from 15th August, 1947, the country is remaining an independent nation and it is being ruled by our own Indian citizens for the past 60 years. It is therefore totally unfair to drag the British into the picture for the under-developed condition of the nation, they said. The inefficiency of we, the Indians, cannot be attributed to the British and it is only a blame game that is purposeless.

Ans: It is asserted that the then rulers of our country from 1947 onwards might not have had any clue on governance of the nation, the moment freedom was won. They had inputs only from the British who ruled us for a few centuries. The British rulers, by deftly handling the policy of divide and rule, favouritism, etc., kept the people at their mercy.

divide and rule

The native Indians who had things to be done at the government level, had no choice but to grease the palms of the officialdom. In order to keep themselves in power, they perpetrated this to suit their own ends. Subsequent to India getting freedom, the legacy was passed on to the new govt., formed by Indians. So they also started enjoying power as faithful followers of the British.

As it goes that,’power corrupts’, these rulers were engrossed in power politics and they used to give silly excuses for the pathetic condition of the nation. Whenever elections came, they used to make false promises on the development score and they continued their practice of enjoying power and thus led the country down further and further. In order to have a strong fence around them, they took the opposition parties and govt., officials, print media and other avenues of communication into their fold. The people of the country were blissfully ignorant of the condition of the nation and if at all a few had any concern for the nation, they were nipped in the bud or they were subjected to untold miseries which made people to concentrate only on their day-to-day affairs. This was happening for the past 60 years both at the Centre and in the States. So it may be understood that the British had laid a very strong foundation for the super structural construction of corruption which is rampant now.

‘India Has Lost At Least A Half-Trillion Dollars To Corruption Since Independence’ -forbes

Objection: Another objection is regarding the growth of corruption exponentially, if the corrupt persons were to be let go scot-free.

Ans: As far as corruption is concerned, if we people had kept a vigil, the loopholes through which the corrupt would slip away would have been plugged long back under the principle of ‘nip in the bud’.

It shows that out of our blind faith in the people we elected and also due to our lethargy, these elected people, perhaps under the psychic disorder called ‘obsession for wealth’ amassed wealth. Each and every corrupt knows that he or she can eat only a limited quantity and not in excess. Excessive eating causes damage to the health is also known to everyone. Similarly every corrupt knows that death is inevitable and one cannot enjoy the wealth by oneself once death arrives. Also one may not be certain that accumulated wealth will automatically go to the hands of his heirs, even if necessary legal formalities are adhered to. This is because rules of the govt., may change, law for confiscation of corrupt money even if transferred on to third parties may be passed, occurrence of natural calamities including premature death , earthquakes etc. If the corrupt carefully observes it will become clear that the legal heirs of the wealth are prevented from using their intellect naturally, for the struggle for earning the wealth is absent in them. This will give room for crooked thinking and anti-social elements will increase in number which will be detrimental to the national welfare.

In spite of all these short comings, if a corrupt is interested in accumulating the illegal wealth, it only indicates the psychic disorder.

Besides, as they keep their money blocked in the form of stashing money in foreign banks, blocking the money in the form of immovable assets that don’t fetch any money through free circulation, the wealth so accumulated is only a burden to them just like the accumulation of sugar in a person suffering from diabetes. Moreover, the foreign banks may not give any interests but, at the same time the corrupt may have to pay the service charges. Of course, the stashed money may economically help the countries where they are stashed. If so, it is a very series crime on the part of the corrupt, allowing their own people to die due to poverty and at the same time helping the other nation with ‘our money’. They may be unaware of it now. (If they are suggested to deposit into the govt., coffers they may heave a sign of relief.) However the moment the govt., wants to recover the corrupt money it is the very duty of the govt., to plug the holes to avoid the re-occurrence of corruption. Thus recovery of the corrupt money may either correct the corrupts or the corrupts may be stopped from continuing their corruption.

Objection: When the corrupt money, if at all flows to the coffers of the govt., inflation may shoot up.

Ans: To avoid such a situation the govt., should be very careful in regulating the flow of money through appropriate budgeting. That is the govt., should not stop with the yearly budgeting. Number of interim budgets may also be presented depending on the flow of corrupt money in the coffers of the govt.,. Thus this problem may not be a stumbling block.

Once this huge amount of black money and property comes back to India,

  • the entire foreign debt can be repaid in 24 hours.
  • After paying the entire foreign debt, we will have surplus amount, almost 12 times larger than the foreign debt.
  • If this surplus amount is invested in earning interest, the amount of interest will be more than the annual budget of the Central government.
  • So even if all the taxes are abolished, then also the Central government will be able to maintain the country very comfortably.
Objection: Another point is that legislatively, the retrieval of corrupt money may not be possible. As the proposed retrieval process allows the corrupt to go scot-free that regular tax payers seem to be made fool of. So legally this may not render justice to one and all under the concept “Equal justice for all”.

Ans: This needs a critical analysis. First and foremost it is not only the govt., to take the blame on the corruption. People are also contributing very much to the corruption. To explain, people think that their job is over once they cast their votes during election. Even during voting they seem to act whimsically. For example, when they have given a thumping majority for the BJP in the last Lok Sabha election, they had very high expectation on Sri Narendra Modi to deliver the goods overnight. They have forgotten that BJP has to depend on opposition parties in the Rajya Sabha.

The opposition parties think that they need not have a concern for the development of the nation. They are always interested in either walking out of parliament or in blocking the parliament sessions.


They make hue and cry for insignificant things. They want the ministers to resign even for silly mistakes they commit, that too that have not been proved in the courts. Even for an allegation these opposition parties want the ministers to resign. This shows that they have no respect for the people’s verdict. In what way a minister’s resignation is going to develop the nation to the expectation of the people?

These opposition parties should understand that they are withdrawn from the powers to rule because, they have lost the credibility through their deliverance of goods for the past 60 years which are not worth mentioning. So people have kept them in the opposition and these parties should be aware that. Any hindrance they make towards the progress of the nation will amount to digging their won graves. Hence, they should co-operate with the govt., and if the govt., deviates in its agenda from the development of the nation, these opposition parties should remind the govt., of its duties. Then only they can gain the confidence of the people and will be respected and recognized as dutiful citizens of India. Otherwise they will be branded as anti national and anti social elements. The ruling party on its part should try to respect verdict of the people by honoring their commitment on the development of the nation.

The present PM has made huge promises on the development of the nation. But there is a gap between his speech and action.

     One year of Narendra Modi sarkar: Expectations were unrealistically high


It was thought that he would talk about the recovery of the corrupt money which is supposed to be in huge quantities. Had he announced that, people would have had immense faith in him on his delivering his promises in true terms. Instead he followed the path of begging for FDIs, which amounts to letting down the nation in the footsteps of the previous govt.,.

Even now due to his sincerity people do believe the PM. In order to lead them to prosperity PM should take immediate adequate steps in recovering the corrupt money within a short span of time. Legal means are not suitable as they involve time and expenditure. Each day that passes without recovery of the corrupt money results in the death of farmers and poverty stricken for no fault of them but due to the inefficiency of the govt.,. If he wants, people will be ready to support him in this assignment. By seeking People’s Support the opposition may also be made to fall in line with the government in the national development. For any citizen talking against this proposal will be easily treated as anti-national, because that individual blocks the developmental activity.

As far as the tax-payers are concerned they pay their taxes as a duty. It is not fair on their part to compare them with the evil doers. It is natural for human beings to commit mistake and they learn only through mistakes. For example, in the recent past for the removal of pain, some pain killer was prescribed as a medicine. When it is known that, that medicine damages the physical system it was banned. If somebody asks what about the position of the people who already had consumed the medicine, there would be no answer to it. Similar is the case with the tax payer. Of course if the tax payers were not sleeping while the taxes were levied, they would have raised the objection at that very time itself on why the govt., had allowed the corruption to become rampant, which lead to heavy downfall on the economy.


They kept quite all along and question when there is a scope for the recovery of the corrupt money by allowing the corrupts to deposit the corrupt money without any penalty and that too only in the interest of the national development, will it not amount to their blocking the national development which is an anti-nation and anti-social activity?

So from the above, it seems to be logical that people should strengthen the hands of the PM who should lead this operation, “Retrieval of Corrupt Money” to make our nation wealthy and prosperous.


            ….Money in the hands of a bad human being will destroy the existing world.

      Money in the hands of a good human being will create a new world.



P.S:- The Narendra Modi government has notified the compliance window under the Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and Imposition of Tax Act, 2015. The compliance window is in force till September 30, and will allow those with undisclosed income and assets abroad to declare these without facing prosecution.

Let us all support this step taken by the govt., to recover corrupt money and pray for its success.

Let us join together and  pray whole-heatedly for our nation to become prosperous and wealthy in short span of time. Let us conduct Mass Prayers to strengthen the hands of our PM who is sincerely striving to make our nation prosperous.


♦ Let the corrupt money be retrieved and brought to the Government.

♦ Let that Money be spent in Huge Projects like Inter Linking of Rivers, Improving our  Education System, Infrastructure projects etc.,.

♦ Let the Nation become Wealthy and Prosperous in a short span of time.

…This prayer should be made by every citizen of India as a duty to the Nation.

An appeal…

  • If the religious institutions like Sri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan, Sri Sathya Sai Trust, Iskon, Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthan, Art of Living, followers of Sri Jakki Vasudev, Gurudwars, Christian and Muslim missionaries, conduct Mass Prayers for our nation’s prosperity, the message will reach for and wide.
  • After the Prayer, each group as well as each citizen as the case may be, should send this message of ‘Praying for the Prosperity of the Nation’ to the Prime Minister.
  •  The Prime Minister should also be requested to Lead this Movement and make this a GRAND SUCCESS.



Recently, an issue that is sensational is the derecognition of a study circle known as Ambedkar-Periar study circle in IIT Madras. It is also known that the derecognition is withdrawn subsequently. Their agenda was set to be the removal of caste system and to weaken the COMMUNAL HINDUTVA. It may appear sensible that equality alone should prevail throughout the nation and this movement also contributes towards that. Let us analyse the veracity on this claim.

First and foremost it is to be understood how this problem of Casteism and Hindutva came about. Prior to the British rule no such problem was found to exist and this is proved through Lord Macaulay’s letter to the British Govt., which in a nut shell described about dividing India for their control over it. He advised the British Govt., to kill Sanskrit, the then prevailing language in India and destroy the Gurukulam system of education, since those two alone kept India very strong and impenetrable. Accordingly British also succeeded in capturing the nation and ruling over it for a few hundred years.

mccaulay speechWhile ruling so, in order to weaken the nation, they further adopted the Divide and Rule policy. This is because the fragments of the nation comprising pairs of opposites like Rich and Poor, Literate and Illiterate, Upper caste and Lower caste, Employer and Labour and so on, would be fighting among themselves leaving the Govt., selecting one of them to support leaving the rest decimate. Subsequently the supported one also may be left in the lurch rendering it worthless. By doing so the Govt., will grow stronger and stronger and hence would gain stability in ruling the nation to its whims and fancies. Unfortunately the citizens of India also fell in line with the British thinking and they suspected the fellow citizens only and believed the British to be their saviours.

Due to the disposition of time, so many things have happened and finally India became a free nation. Even while declaring India a free nation, the British cunningly left the nation with so many problems that remain unsolved till now, like India-Pakistan issue and so on.

In south India the British were so clever in dividing the people based on caste aspersions. The British intelligently drove a wedge between Brahmins and non Brahmins by supporting a group of non- Brahmins under the banner Justice Party of India. It nurtured the party to the extent it did not want the British to declare India as an Independent nation. One of the key members of the party desired people to mourn the Independence Day (Aug 15th) as a Black day.

1. Periyar PosterThus this party was acting anti-national and it continued to poison the minds of the people to the extent that Brahmin hatred is naturally present in the minds of the people of Tamilnadu especially. The Hindu sentiments are humiliated through and through. But these people under the guise of protecting the lower caste captured the Govt., to rule the state of Tamilnadu. It is for people to see the developments made in Tamilnadu by the Govts, under the patronage of the so called rationalists the erstwhile justice party. The perceptible development is only in the form of corruption. The corruption is so rampant that political parties give people no room to think on the development of the state. These parties do this by keeping the public focusing only on their survival by keeping them poor and illiterate. But they smartly show their fingers towards the upper caste for the poor literacy in the state by saying that they denied the opportunities of learning to the lower caste. To appease them, these parties when rule the Govt., introduce a nice concept called RESERVATIONS, which is a myth.

However when India got freedom from the British which made the country Bankrupt, Dr. Ambedkar introduced the system of reservation helplessly because of the then prevailing conditions. He also informed that reservation should be done away after a certain period of time. His expectation was that the country should improve to a very great extent to make opportunities available in abundance for one and all.

But the Central govt., under the congress rule and the state govts., either ruled by the national parties or the regional parties miserably failed in developing nation. Instead they exploited the reservation policy to their favour. They think it is a perennial resource for their amazing wealth. In order to win the votes, some states had increased the reservation quota. But, they have forgotten one thing. The more they make the reservations, the quality of education gets more and more diluted. This is evident from our educational institutions remaining below the 200th ranking in the global level for the past sixty years or so. Both the central and state govts., have betrayed the nations by not developing the educational system which is the route of the development of the entire nation in all walks of life.

QS_WUniv_Rankings     rank qs

Phil Baty, editor of Times Higher Education Rankings said “It is really a matter of concern that a country of India’s great intellectual history does not have a single university that is regarded by academics globally as being among the world’s most prestigious.”

Besides, the govts., allowed private institutions also to take part in the educational activity. This is not in the interest of the nation and it is only with the personal agenda since the results are known wide open, i.e. these institutions get the approval of the govts., without fulfilling the stipulated conditions that make an institution fit for imparting knowledge. This is experienced by us through the fact of the present Engineering graduates coming out of these institutions are not in a position to get employed in big corporate and other places. They are lacking in confidence & out of fear of insecurity, they become rebellious and there are possibilities of their becoming anti-nationals.

29table1The third edition of the National Employability Report, Engineering Graduates – 2014, released by a private employability solutions company, revealed that though 18.33% of the engineers are employable, 18.09% actually get a job.
Of the 6 lakh engineers that graduate annually, only 18.43% of them are employable for the software engineer-IT services role, while just 3.95% are appropriately trained to be directly deployed on projects. For core jobs in mechanical, electronics/electrical and civil jobs, only a mere 7.49% are employable.


It may be seen from the above that the reservation policy prolonging for a longer period of time because of the failure of the govts., and other factors like adopting the Divide and Rule policy of the British, the Indian educational system is under precarious condition. The issue of the Ambedkar-Periar study circle is only a tip of an iceberg.

If the nation is to be free from such a chaotic condition the reservation is to be done away in its entirety. This will be possible only by making opportunities available to one and all in abundance. This requires huge funds and this can be generated through unearthing the corrupt money. To achieve this, people should co-operate with the govt., especially the PM by making him the leader of the movement and his hands are to be strengthened by the very people of India.

This initiative will have an enormous potential for job opportunities, the quality of education may also be vastly improved to the extent that the reservation policy may be done away with as per the wishes of Dr. Ambedkar.

Dr Ambedkar said, “Reservation should be discontinued after 15 years”, but politicians are continuing with this to further their vote bank.

If the Govt., fixed a deadline, (say 2 or 3 months) for the deposition of the black/corrupt money these things will become true and the nation will develop leaps and bounds. If the black/corrupt money holders do not fall in line with this proposal, a severe punishment to the extent of cancellation of their citizenship may be imposed. The impact of the citizenship cancellation should be made aware to them.

Since the land acquisition bill cannot be passed through Rajya Sabha because of the lower strength of the ruling party, there is little wonder, any welfare scheme that pertains to the national development will be affected through parliament. This is because the opposition parties are never interested in the national development and they stick to their personal agenda of ruining the nation. Therefore the PM, as the leader of the entire nation and its people should first make these proposals a ‘PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT’. Once he gets over-whelming support from the public which he already has, as usual, the opposition parties may also fall in line with the nation in its development.

In every sector we are lagging behind at least a decade or more with developed nations. The unemployment problem is also swelling day by day. Suicide is on the rise. The quality of education is well known to the extent that no institution in India has found a place among Top-200 institutions in the world. So, a lot is expected from the govt., from day one of its assuming the office. Therefore, the govt., has to think on other means of recovering the black/corrupt money which must be a time bound program in order to save the common man from the struggle for even the basis needs.

The govt., may succeed in recovering the black/corrupt money through legal means after a long period but unfortunately, that may find use only in building cemeteries for the people who are to die because of starvation. Therefore on a war footing the govt., has to recover the black/corrupt money at the earliest if not immediately. Considering the most valuable lives of the citizens, the punishing of the black/corrupt money holders is unimportant.

So the Govt., may announce that the black/corrupt money holders may deposit their entire black/corrupt money in the Government treasury and they will not be levied even a single paisa as tax or any penalty.

In fact, the so recovered black/corrupt money may be invested in huge projects like improving our education system, Interlinking of Rivers, Electricity projects that will make surplus power, and all other infrastructure projects that generate more employment opportunities.

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